What's a fake bind?

What’s a fake bind and how do you do it?

you just pinch the string and slip the string down

Are you sure? I read that it had something to do with not letting the string go in… I saw a vid of it, but no description. Is there a video that teaches you it?

no helioNXG was right its exactly what he posted and how the video shows and escribes it. i’m not too sure of what you’re talking about so i’ll probably get back to on that.

Hmmm… I saw this guy on the internet doing this thing though… and he said it was a fake bind. Does that mean I was doing a fake bind all along??? Wow… but anyways, the bind was like… he got into a trapeze, popped off of the trapeze, and then just pulled it up as though it was responsive, but it wasn’t.

really confused could you post the video of when you saw that?

for a fake bind you don’t need to pull the string to the gap to return it, wut you need to do is pinch the string and don’t drop it until you sliped it all the way down.

btw, THIS GUY? he’s brian . ask him he will know more :wink:

What??? The problem is I can’t find the video anymore. It’s somewhere in my history too. The person went into a trapeze, then popped off like he was doing a zipper or something, but as the yoyo went down, he just pulled it up. How?

i can’t explain more to you.
PM “10 10010 1001 1 1110” to ask cause thats him in the vid

This topic makes me smile. :smiley:

I think I know what you’re talking about now. Does said guy bring the yoyo around and shoot it up into the string, so the yoyo goes in the air as it binds?

It’s you right? ;D Sorry… my bad. But your username is kinda hard to memorize. Vids please?

You can’t remember 10 10010 1001 1 1110? What? :stuck_out_tongue: Saying Brian is fine.

I have no idea what the name of the bind is or where videos for it are. Sorry.

i think that’s a reponsive trick called elevator or escalator or somthing like that. hold on i’ll edit this post after i find the vid.

ok i think i found it