Fake Binds

I was surfing the internet and found this article.

The description was confusing, so I was wondering if anyone here has a tutorial for it? I tried and couldn’t find anything on it.

Oh, that’s easy.

Didn’t Jayyo make that up?

What you do, is you do a Trapeze. Mainly for a dead Yo-Yo. Pinch the loop with your non-throwhand, and pull up on your throwhand, causing the Yo-Yo to spin, and quickly grip and wind.

There is a video of this on YouTube. Not sure where, but it’s on here, too. :wink:


Do it in a backspin mount. (Sleeper - Trapeze. Breakaway - Braintwister mount.)

This is a very effective bind, they are very tight. If you saw my stop and go tutorial for ihateMatt, i used fake binds there. I actually use them whenever my sleeper is dying, because its a 100% success rate with no slips.


You found it! :slight_smile:


So, all this time I’ve been using the fake bind? Cool! :smiley: I agree. The bind is really tight.
Thanks for the video!

One thing.

Not yet sure on this, but wouldn’t you need a responsive Yo-Yo to do it, so it would snag and wind?

I did it with my eight8eight, and it wouldn’t even wind one bit.

Didn’t you see my stop and go tutorial? I was doing it for stop and go on my PGM.

You can do this on unresponsive yoyos. Thats the point of a bind.

You need good tension, and a backspin mount. If you are not in a backspin mount, its not gonna work. It works on my Meteor, which has a wider gap than the 888 I believe.

Joshua Yee… Jayyo!!! WOW he is on YoYowiki!!!

Yeah, this should work on unresponsive yo-yos. I do it all the time with my DM. Just make sure that you’re in a backspin mount. It works if you’re not in one, though, but it wouldn’t be very tight and it’s too difficult.