Binding Help!

Hey all,
Trying to learn how to bind on a DM. Problem is that, for the bind to work, I need the yo to spin at a good fast spin. I’m just starting out and my yo has thick lube so it doesn’t spin like the DM in these training videos. Any suggestions? I feel like I’m still clumsy with the control of the yo. Please help…

if you want it to be unresponsive so yo can learn to bind clean the bearing and apply a drop of thin lube and to bind easier try to make the loop you thread into the gap bigger

make sure youre doing a “fake” bind. make the loop, like polloyoyo said, quite large and feed it back into the yoyo and pull up with your throwhand, and .005 seconds later you throw the loop into the gap.
look up grawrd. good bind tut. hope this helps. ;D

Make sure you are doing backspin binds, and don’t use too big of a loop (Not too small either. Just practice and see what does it best.)

Frontspin binds tend to get knots more often, which is why you see that whenever Andre does a rolling bind, he throws it down once before he throws hard.

When you do sleepers, use an overmount bind. (trapeze)
When doing breakaways, use an undermount bind. (Braintwister)

My friend and I have no problem with binding even with brand new unseasoned bearings. The problem is practice! Practise hard and you can do it. You will not need the yoyo to spin fast for binding if you practise well. Do not do a big ring and ify ou practise well, the bind will not have a loop coming out.

hey i need some help on binding too. i’d say nowadays my binds have around 60-70% success rates. when they fail, its usually the yoyo just slipping back down without snagging, or i put too much string in and i get a knot or a ‘tail’…

tips? btw i’m using a yyj speeder (double o-rings) on the tightest setting… should be the most responsive but still…

hope this helps a little… Its a tutorial I did on three different binds.


here’s a vid not by me though hope it helps

If you’re throwing the loop into the gap, you’re not doing a fake bind. On a fake bind, you’re letting the string wrap around the axle and then just letting go with your non throw hand.