Help Me Bind

Ok so I was kind of beyond the limitations of me four dollar Duncan and decided to get a high end yoyo. I wanted one that would spin for a long time and not wake up when I didn’t want it to. so I got the Yoyo King Spin Control NR. and let me tell you when they say non-responsive they mean just that. I’ve been playing with the thing off and on all day now and I think it came back five times. no matter what bind I try it never wants to work. sometimes I’ll do a trapeze mount bind, but I have to wrap the tail around three or four times and it usually ends up shooting into my free hand. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I don’t know but its a little annoying. any help would be greatly appreciated. ???

There’s no such bind as trapeze mount bind. :wink: That’s where a tonne of beginners including myself get it wrong. Spin direction is totally important! You see the general shape (yoyo on string, loop coming out of one side, single segment out the other) and try to bind it like you imagine you’ve seen in videos. But it won’t work and what you thought you saw in the videos wasn’t actually what you saw.

Been there!

Learn the basic frontstyle bind, and then if you’re playing sidestyle yoyo (ie. from a breakaway), just turn your body in the direction of your throwhand (right if you’re right handed) and do a frontstyle bind. Until you get your skills going. :wink:

This video not only shows you the right technique but shows a close-up of why it works. It’s the video that showed me how to bind:


What he said and u need to understand what the bind does. Pretty much u creat a loop that wraps around the yoyo and catches the response pads to pull the yoyo up. So when practicing binds u need to make sure ur getting enough string thrown down to catch the response pads.

You have the yoyo spinning in the wrong direction on the bind, just go to and you’ll find a tutorial on how to bind

yotricks was for me a little easier to learn from in the beginning, but yoyo expert tutorials are always good too :wink:

thanks guys! I looked at the links and checked around a little bit and come to find out I was just keeping my tail too short. now I’m getting pretty consistent binds. I’m a fast learner lol. 8)
thanks again. y’all are the best!

ryan helped me learn how to bind :slight_smile:



Recently went through learning this, and I found something helps is not hesitating to pull up a fair bit of loop, then literally using a throwing motion to put it into the gap. The more that loop starts to hook around the axle, the snappier the bind will catch.

As Dazzling Dave demonstrates, this is a bad way to bind. Creates snags. When pinching and then feeding into the gap works better and is more reliable, there’s no clear advantage. Pulling up a fair bit of loop helps, though. Especially if you’re a new thrower and your spin isn’t that powerful to begin with.

Yeah, this was something that helped with learning. Not so much now that I’ve had a few months of regular binding. I guess I should have clarified that it helped with learning, especially since just dropping the loop didn’t work and nothing else talked about pulling with the throw hand. I could not find something with as clear technical explanations as that video when I was searching the forums. I also never had many issues with tails, like the huge one he has in that video, though, so I guess I got lucky. Well, I did, but only when trying to follow the yye tutorial. That trapeze bind he demonstrates is not so great…

Agreed. That bind in that tutorial is an unfortunate lesson to stumble upon because I think it sets a lot of people up for failure. I can’t remember how or why, but I very quickly discovered other tutorials early on and managed to not spend too much time learning that one.

Yes… Understand what a bind is doing… If you throw a breakaway and land in a trapeze, the yoyo is spining/moving in away from your NTH and the loop… Now if you do an under mount/ reverse trapeze, the yoyo is now spinning/moving toward your NTH and the loop… Now it actually will want to eat up the sting. Once you allow the string to start wrapping around the bearing, when it touches the response system, the yoyo will bind. Now it’s the opposite for a reverse breakaway…
And for a front throw… You want to do the opposite of a braintwister under mount… But the rules are still the same… A braintwister mount, the yoyo is moving away from the loop. Do the reverse of that and the yoyo is moving toward the loop. Then you can bind it… To bind, you wan the yoyo moving toward the loop. I hope you get that… I could explain it soo much better in person. Lol.