Newb In Training :3 Bind Help :D Read first don't flame meh

I didn’t read anything yet, just came directly to the forums for help!

So first things first, I got my North star, been playing with my duncan butter-crap for about 5 days (2 years ago) and I now I feel like playing more :smiley:
I can do all the intermediate tricks, advance 1. Until I figured out that i can’t do a bind.

It’s kind of hard to explain, I have been trying to figure out how to bind when you throw your yo yo side way. I can do everything just not a bind when you throw the yo yo side way.

Whenever I throw the yo yo forward and do a bind, it works. After I throw the other way like from
the side and do a bind it doesn’t work. If you understand what I’m talking about then help me please. If you don’t tell me what you specifecally want to know.

The problem you are having is when you throw front style the yoyo will spin in one direction but spins the opposite direction when thrown side style. This of course is direct correlation to your orientation relative to the yoyo. For example, throw the yoyo side style and just let it hang sleeping then get on the opposite side and direction and bind normally. I think once you try that you will understand what is going on.

Yes, I know about that, but thing is i saw people throwing it side ways and then bind without moving. I understand the concept. The yo yo is spinning against the string.
This questions might not make sense ===> If I throw it sideways, is there any way to bind it? I don’t understand how it got binded just by doing the trapeze and yeah.

Ok if you can bind front style from a trapeze you get the idea how to bind.

From a side style trapeze, the yoyo is spinning the wrong way to bind. The string will want to get spat out rather than sucked in to the yo if you try and bind like that. You have two choices…

A) Get really good, like some of the yoyoers you have seen, who can bind it even spinning the wrong way. (Hint. you need to get a lot more string into it so slide the yoyo closer to your throw hand.)

B) Do it the right way, by swinging off the trapeze into a reverse trapeze. There are good tutorials on the site, but the basic idea is…

  • put your pointer and middle finger together so the string goes between them.
  • swing the yoyo up so it goes back over your pointer finger… it will go over your middle finger and swing back under the string that goes to your throw hand.
  • with a bit of slack it’ll keep going, pick up the string and drop you into a reverse trapeze. (You may have to drop a loop.)
  • now bind… it’ll work much better

This extra trick is hard at first, but once it clicks you’ll be able to do it every time. It’s easier to understand that by seeing it… so look for videos.

One thing that helped me when learning to bind was to do it faster… you have a trapeze (like a big V)… imagine you wanted to pull your throw hand up, and drop your free hand down real fast… but do it so the yoyo stayed in the same position. Both hands are binding the string. Your free hand by feeding string in, and your throw hand by maintaining tension which pulls the string into the gap.

Hope this helps

It will just come to you with practice. Do as the others said, but keep in mind that nothing will make you learn better than doing it over and over until you just get it. Same thing with breakaway and trapeze. Its not that easy to watch and copy, its better to just do it until it works right after knowing what to do.

It just reinforces what others have been saying, but maybe a video would be of assistance.

listen, in front style, have you ever tried to bind from a brain twister? on side style, have you ever tried to bind from a trapeze. well, in front style, a bind mount is a trapeze. therefore, in side style, you should bind from a brain twister mount.

basically go into trapeze, then bounce off so the yoyo is hanging over your hand. then instead of swinging outward into a trapeze, you can swing under and inwards and you will hit the bottom of the string. when it hits, move your non throw hand under the yoyo, and it will be a brain twister mount. cross the strings and bind.

Thanks for all the comments. I think I’ll use the video to help me a bit :slight_smile:

on the pot above me, is what I usually do if I can’t do the trapeze one XD