Help with binding from a trapeze.

I just started throwing a few weeks ago, and I can do pretty much all of the intermediate tricks, but there’s one thing I’m having a big problem with. I’ve used the search function, and maybe I was just confused with what I was reading, but I can’t figure out how to bind from a trapeze.

I can bind just fine from the front, but I can’t seem to bind from a trapeze like everyone does in videos. After practicing tricks from the trapeze I end up having to wrap the yoyo back up myself.

If you could give any tips to a beginner, it’d be much appreciated. Thanks!

dismount the trapeze, and go into something that looks like a braintwister mount, then try to bind.

Any better?

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Ugh, I know what you mean Copp. I always get a knot when I bind from a trapeze.

@Q: That would work, but it doesn’t look very professional and I wouldn’t want to do that in front of an audience.

I’ll give that a shot, should I wrap the loop around the yoyo some and try to bind it? Or just feed the loop straight into the yoyo?


That did work just feeding the loop straight into the yoyo. Thanks for the help! But I’m still looking to figure out how to do it like they do in the videos. To me it looks like they always snap the yoyo under the string, and quickly wrap the loop around the yoyo before it falls back down. Sort of like they’d be going into a Gyroscopic flop, but from the bottom.

One thing to try is right when u throw the loop into the gap tug up with ur throwhand. That should give it an extra boost to get it up the string. 8)


anyways. are you calling me and the rest of the forum unprofessional? and kimmet. and mickey. and every other pro?

throw trapeze. rotate yoyo clockwise (assuming you are right handed) in a circle. itll put you back in trapeze. now, do that, but this time force the loop into the gap. after some practice itll bind.

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Really? I never see anyone binding from a brain twister mount : /
That’s how I do it, but my friend’s who yo-yo are always like, “WHY DO YOU BIND IT LIKE THAT?”

are you talking about frontstyle? in frontstyle, people RARELY bind from braintwister. fromsidestyle, people almost ALWAYS bind from braintwister. it isnt really a braintwister. its called an “undermount” or “backwards/upsidedown trapeze” when you bind from it, its called a backspin bind, the most simple way to bind.

Most people on earth use the under mount bind. Under mount MEANS Braintwister mount. You go into a backwards trapeze and bind. Is this not the way you bind in breakaway?

are you referring to me or the other guy?

i generally use a basic undermount, but sometimes a trapezebind feels SO good. (with tricks like skin the gerbil, and other tricks with large momentum

The main way to bind when throwing sidestyle is from a a mount similar to that of a braintwister, called the undermount. I figured undermount might be a little out of his yoyoing vernacular (No offense, just an assumption) at the moment, so I simplified it to braintwister instead, seeing that braintwister is a pretty universal term.

@Slave (yeah, I still call you slave, Carl) I understand that your medication wears off at three, but no need to get up in arms, It was a misunderstanding. I admit that I got a bit irked at being called unprofessional, but he seems to have a different understanding of what we mean. plus, your caps lock scares me. :smiley:

At Mr. Copp, I suggest finding a video with the bind you’re talking about and tossing it up on this thread so I can see exactly what you are talking about. Honestly, when it comes to binds, there isn’t much we can tell you, as they are very much a “What you see is what you get” sort of trick, no real trick to it infact. Just watch the bind over and over, and try to mimick it best you can

Whaat? I didn’t mean to call you unprofessional. I’m sorry if you took it that way Q. I was just saying that dismounting the yo-yo and then putting it into a brain twister mount is a bit, meh.
You are right though. I am fairly new to yo-yoing so I had no idea that there was such thing as an under mount until just now.

But at least I’ve got something new to practice…

Whaat? I didn’t mean to call you unprofessional. I apologize for any misunderstanding. I was just saying that, visually, dismounting the yo-yo and then putting it into a brain twister mount is a bit, meh.
You are right though. I am fairly new to yo-yoing so I had no idea that there was such thing as an under mount until just now.

hmmm no double thank you :confused:

anyways. I scared Q?!?!?!? dang

BT mount is NOT meh look above for my debunking of that statement - Advanced - Eli Hops This is the bind I’m referring to. Andre does it towards the end of the video(or really just any time he returns it after and eli hop.)

Again, thanks for all the help with it, using the BT mount works fine for me, no knots or anything like that.

that was this

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I figured that might have been what you were saying. Thanks.


CLockwise the direction I’d be facing, or clockwise if someone were looking at me?

This vid may help

bind ittttttttttt