Binding from Trapeze

I can finally bind from an under mount pretty consistently. But I’m having a heck of a time with binding from trapeze.

André demonstrates it by just taking the loop and crossing it. It seems to work fine for him, but I can’t get it to even start to bind up. Most of the other bind videos go into a reverse trapeze first. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to land very many reverse trapezes. I’m working on it, but I just haven’t figured out what to do with my non-throw hand to get it to land that way, yet. But, it seems like the yo-yo is spinning the wrong way for a bind when you are in the forward trapeze. So, is the method that André shows in the last “intermediate” video not the recommended way?

I guess what I’m asking is: Should I be trying to get the yo-yo to bind from a forward trapeze, like André shows, or should I be working on my reverse trapeze? I assume I will eventually be able to do both, but which one should I be working on now?

Thanks in advance.


you just have to thread the string preaty fast in the loop and try to get more string in the loop if its not grabing

So you are saying that I should be able to do it from a forward trapeze, and I should work on that?


yes you can do it from a forward trapeze, a trapeze, a side ways under mount, and a braintwister mount and a lot more

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try and turn your body before doing it :slight_smile:

win your in trapeze swing 1nce on outside once on inside and wile its stile swing remove your ponter and it should bind

Front style is best binded using a reverse brain twister mount, or what some call a trapeze. Side style is best binded using a reverse trapeze. When you do the opposites of what I just mentioned, you often get a snag, which is why André usually binds and then throws down once. If you do want to do it like he does from a trapeze, do the same move as a lindy loop, but instead of pushing your finger into the string the yoyo is sitting on, miss it and keep going, giving you a wrap around the bearing. This will help greatly in binding from a side style trapeze.

here’s the thread for my binding guide has many different binds including the one’s that you need for your situatin:

Details, details, details…

I need to watch more closely, I guess. My problem with the “basic bind” in that first video, was that before you tug with your throw hand, you have to kind of swing the yo-yo away from it. (Under your non throw hand.) You only need to do it just the tiniest little bit, but it fixed my problems. I was trying to bring my non-throw hand over the yo-yo, but you bring the yo-yo under your non-throw hand.

Maybe that didn’t make sense, but I seem to have figured out what I was doing wrong. Thanks for the advice.