Yet another binding from Trapeze question

I have searched and watched videos and read posts but I am still having issues with binding from a Trapeze. It might be due to my confusion so here we go…

Let me preface my question with a couple of points:

  1. I know that you can go from a Trapeze to an ‘undermount’ I think it is called, and I can bind from there, not a problem.

  2. In the video where Andre is explaining binds he gets into a trapeze but he doesn’t throw a breakaway to do it, then he says “it is not really a trapeze because the yoyo is spinning in the opposite direction” - I can bind that way also, not a problem.

  3. Here’s the problem…
    towards the end of the binding tutorial Andre IS in a Trapeze then he pulls the loop into the yoyo (and says you might have to swing it around twice if you have a really unresponsive yoyo.) So I should be able to bind directly from a trapeze like this even though the yoyo is not spinning in the opposite direction? I get knots or a huge tail doing this and before I spend a lot of time practcing it I want to know if I am misunderstanding the instructions.

Basically I want to know the best way to bind from a Trapeze without doing an undermount if possible.

Thanks for any help. I’ve learned a great deal from this site already!

I don’t bind from a trapeze. Gets too many snags in it in my experience.

I learned to bind by going to for their tutorials on this topic. That’s what worked for me.

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Thank you very much, I will check out that site for sure.

Bind from a reverse slack trapeze.

I bind by doing a backwards brain twister. So that way when I bind, the yoyo is spinning in the opposite direction.

If I were you, I would start binding from a backwards trapeze. It helps. If you really want to bind from a trapeze though, do more of a swinging motion and really tug the loop into the gap. It takes practice to get the binds right. Also, if you notice in some of Andre’s tutorials, you will notice that he does a roll when he binds. Take a look at the “Skin the Gerbil” video that he teaches; I believe it’s the first trick in the Expert section. The first step of the trick, where you do a roll, is the same roll that Andre does when he binds. Just practice the roll, and then roll and bind. It helps bring the loop into the gap of the yo-yo when you bind.

Thank you everyone for the advice and suggestions! I am practicing the binds referenced in this thread and getting better. Very much appreciated!

Firstly, enjoy!

And then just accept that some binds (like the one Andre talks about, what I call the “old school” bind) sometimes leaves a snag in the gap.  You can usually throw this out, and then keep on playing.

It is simply one of the properties of the bind that you have an extra string in the gap.  Accept it, love it, do shoot-the-moon out of it.