Bind returns

I looked at the vid for the bind returns and I just can’t do it. I do a sleeper, then swing the yoyo left into a trapeze. Then with my pointer finger i pull the string right into the gap. The yoyo just keeps spinning. Any ideas of what I should do? ???

Make the loop bigger and don’t let go until you feel it start to snag.

Try pinching the loop. Then lower your non-throwhand down and move your throwhand up.

When you move your non-throwhands loop down, also move it closer to the yoyo. It should wind up a bit and let go with the motion.

First off, are you throwing the yo-yo in front of you or to the side into a trapeze? Cause if you throw the yo-yo in front of you, the bind bind should happen.

When you do it from a trapeze, doing it like when you do it in front won’t work. You need to get the yo-yo out of the trapeze, and then swing the yo-yo so the loop is facing you, and then let go and catch. (This is only done when you throw the yo-yo to the side)

Maybe this video will help you out:

You got great advice here! Something I personally do is either I make the loop larger or I do a few wraps. If you were referring to Andre’s tutorial videos on this site he would have mentioned that as well. Works 9.5/10 for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an easier time binding from the front rather than from trapeze. Really make sure you bring the loop DOWN into the gap.

you’re not supposed to bind from a trapeze because the yoyo is spinning in the wrong direction, you could do it but it wouldn’t be very pretty and you have a great chance to end up with a knot of some sort (which will result in the yoyo hitting your face after the next throw)

front style binding, here you go

throw a sleeper (straight)
take your non throw hand index and put it against the front side of the string, ready to pull the string towards you.
with your throw hand, pull the yoyo up (well, pull the string, not the yoyo itself ^^), the string will start sliding against your non throw hand index which will work as a pivot.
once the yoyo gets closer to your non throw hand, pull the string towards you with your non throw hand index

with the correct timing, the yoyo should hop on the string

then lower your non throw hand to give it some room, cross, pull, bind, catch

with this explanation, I have some friends who could do it in 10 minutes, my wife did it in 5 minutes and it took a couple hours to master by my 8yo son

Of couse you don’t throw a breakaway and bind in a trapeze. But I’m talking about front throw in my post. And BTW, Andre does a trapeze flip bind even from a breakaway.

andre is andre, you (I guess) and I (I know) are no Andre Boulay, there’s a lot of stuff he can do that we can’t (and I’m still pretty sure he paid the price for it at some point too)

that being said, it’s perfectly possible to bind “backwards”, but for someone learning how to throw, this would most likely end up with a yoyo hitting the guy’s face at some point.

and all in all, it’s easily avoidable, performing a regular bind, side or front ain’t that big of a deal and within 1 month of throwing, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore

In most if not all of Andre’s vids he’s using a yoyo with a much smaller gap than most yoyo’s of today. This made it a bit easier to do that trapeze bind. Bigger gaps make it nearly impossible to do it.

Aaaah, big gaps. Thanks.

I LIKE BIG GAPS and I can not lie 8) ;D ;D ;D ;D