Help with BINDS

hey guys, new to yoyo’s - a little backround …

This is my first post - my 11 yr old son started to play with a cheap yoyo last week. He was trying to make it sleep and it wasnt working. I told my wife to see if she could pick up atleast a Duncan Imperial ( I remember these when I was a kid ) so she came home with it for him. Long story short, he did better with it but was confused as to what else he could do. I made the mistake of telling him to search google for yoyo tricks and well … here i am one week later and 2 Velocity yoyo’s later …

ok enough about that - we are learning binds and are having issues with knotting … It seems we can perform the bind, however we end up with a big loop once the string is rolled into the yoyo… How can we correct that ?

Also can someone show me an easy way to bind from a trapeze?

Thanks for all your help … never new yoyo’s were this much fun

As most responses go, it’ll come with practice. After a while, you’ll need less of that loop to feed into the gap, and so have less of it wrapped up into the yoyo. A nice, strong throw helps–just be ready to catch!

For bind from trapeze, dismount and let the string go down and up around your thumb (where you’ll pinch with your pointer), with enough momentum for the yoyo to swing up and hit the underside of the string. Allow the yoyo to continue around, getting that pinched loop wrapped up in the gap, and bind! Sorry if that doesn’t make sense, but I just got up.

Who’s more into this, you or your boy? I have an 11 yr old, and he is NOT the yoyo nut here!

thanks I will try that … I think we both are into the same … he gets really determined to learn something that i can do and he cant, so we go back and forth.

My 5 yr old wants a yoyo to now - I think I need to pick him up one with an auto retyrn system

A father and son learning to throw together. This warms the crockery of my heart!
That’s so wonderful. That’s just as American as Apple Pie. Better’n goin’ fishin’!

Welcome to YoYoExpert. I believe both you and your boy will find a fraternity of friendship here.
I think Mr. Yoyoguy is about your boy’s age, he might enjoy some of his videos.

It’s already been said, but the less loop you use to bind, the less of a loop there will be once it’s wound around the axle.

With a trapeze bind, bounce the yoyo off of the trapeze, over your non-throwhand and let it dangle off to the side over your hand. Swing it a bit and let the yoyo bounce into the string like you’re doing an upside down trapeze. Once you have that motion down, as you bounce the yoyo into the string let the motion take the string and yoyo over your non-throwhand, this will set you up with two strings on the outside of your non-throwhand and a string going to your throwhand. Pull your throwhand forward and a string should slip off your non-throwhand, from here you can bind just like you would from a normal way.

And for your 5yr old. look into the Brain, it has a clutch mechanism that fixes the bearing into place, once it hits a certain speed, and thus returning the yoyo to the hand

I’m sure there’s a name for this bind, but I don’t know it.

From the trapeze, pop it back off and around so that it’s swinging under. But instead of carrying it all the way around, you also bring your throw hand down; so now the yoyo is vertically above your throw hand. Continue moving the throwhand around the yoyo, threading the string into the gap. Your hands are now basically crossed (most people do it in front, but it doesn’t matter… do it behind if it works for you). Continue with threading the gap, lifting your throwhand above the yoyo now. Simply continue lifting the throwhand until there’s a bind, then let go with your non-throw-hand.

Video would work so much better. I’m sure there’s one out there.

This bind is way more reliable than the upside-down-trapeze bind, which can snag or at least have a weird snappy little “tail” if you don’t do it at just the right length.

alright, i had issues with knotting as well at first but no worries :smiley: the big loop wont affect anything, practice more and watch some videos that teach us how to bind. the has a good tutorial on it on how to bind normally and from trapeze. just gonna practice more and try to bind in th same way (reverse brain twister mount) everytime u end a trick, ull get used to it soon :slight_smile:

binding from a trapeze needs some practice too. try to turn ur body to the yoyo and bind it like doing a brain twister mount. push ur string in and get ur yoyo on the string. ull grab ur yoyo in a reversed way since u are actually catching it from behind. then, when u get used to the mounting motion, now u need not to turn ur body. get out from trapeze, stick ur mid finger out and wrap around it so it touches the string and let off some tension so that the yoyo goes in. now u have ur non throw hand mid finger in the mount instead, pull abit a let go. the yoyo comes back automatically :smiley:

by the way, remember that binds always is more effective when ur string is going the opposite of the spinning motion of the yoyo. ull feel a tension on the string if u get ur mount in a correct way. then let go immediately when u feel the tension to let the yoyo comes back.

good luck :slight_smile: