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When ever I do a bind return off a trapeze I get knots. Help?


You have to make sure you pull the loop straight back into the gap and if your string is tight it will tend to knot a bit. Also don’t make the loop very big if you can avoid it.

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… and i’d also like to add that if you give it a tug as you are binding, it helps a little with the response.


Whe people bind like that how do they rethrow right away? I have to turn the yoyo to throw again.

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Also, please note that it would be less likely for you to have knots if you bind against the spin of the yoyo, as shown in the video.


You just have to practice getting the binding loop as small as possible. When i first started binding the loop was too big and would always “snag” half way down my first throw.

Practice Practice Practice


I meant like when I do a trapeze then bind the yoyo comes to my hand kind of backwards. Like the other Wat around then if I was Gona throw a sleeper. It’s hard to explain


Change your throw hand position for the catch.


wow, I’m amazed how many people actually might have read (or not) your post

if you try and bind from the trapeze, you WILL bind against the spin, which makes it very likely to end up with a sloppy, knotty and potentially dangerous bind.

you’re not supposed to bind from the trapeze, when you play sideways, you have to bind from the under trapeze. It’s a common mistakes from beginners to try and bind from the trapeze because it “looks” like the regular frontstyle bind, but the yoyo spinning in the opposite direction, it’s more like if you’d try to bind from a bottom mount.

don’t bind from the trapeze, bind from the under trapeze


What’s the under trapeze? If I bind from that will it come to my hand normal? Since the yo-yos spinning differently will the yoyo come back like if I binder from a sleeper? It’s hard to explain.


Go to and watch the bind videos. That will explain a lot. But yes if you bind with a under trapeze the yoyo will come back right side up and the chances for a snag are much less


alright maybe it’s better to think of it this way:

throw a breakaway, do sidestyle tricks, then rotate a quarter of a turn on your RIGHT, bind front style

the trapeze is the sidestyle equivalent of the bottom mount (the same mount you use for brain twister), it’s a classic rookie mistake (we pretty much all did it) to think of the trapeze being the “bind mount”, sidestyle is like if you throw front style, then rotate to your LEFT.


I understand what your proplem is.i had the same as a beginner.when the yoyo comes back up after the bind catch it with your palm pointing up.problem solved!


im currently having this issue myself (just started yoyoing a few days ago). I can get the unresponsive yoyo to come back up to my hand… but most of the time there is twined string hanging out from the yoyo. Like the string goes out of the loop twines around itself, then starts going around the yoyo again. Some times when i go to throw again it just stops as it knotted itself.

Im so anxious i just want to move on to tricks like double or nothing. But i need to get this down before anything :stuck_out_tongue:



Dude! My problem too! I feel your pain!


Check your string tension, use a smaller loop and pull with your throw hand. Sometimes pinching the loop can help. It’s just practice.

I’m still fine tuning my bind, but I have to move onto to other thing. But, I have to bind it back. So, I constantly get to practice.


string tension might be you guys issue here, at least part of it

also, wait til the yoyo slows down a bit more before you bind it.


Lol ur binding the wrong

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I have never gotten a knot binding this way.


Main thing is to bind with the spin of the yoyo, not against it.