I’m just starting to use binding and I keep getting minor knots when i do the trapeze bind. After my bind, it usually takes two or three throws to get the knot out. Anyone know what the problem is or how i could fix it? ???

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I’m getting the same problem to and my string tends to tighten. hoping someone will answer


With the trapeze bind or rolling bind (along with the brain twister bind) the yoyo is spinning in the same direction as the bunch of string that you are forcing into the gap. Therefore the string may twist with the spin of the yoyo. You need to practice and work out the kinks of this bind to successfully achieve it. Also, ensure that your string does not form “speghetti” or is too tense. This will cause knots in any bind!
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I agree with Trince. However, if you are doing the backspin bind, and are still having a problem, just make the loop a little smaller.

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Thanks, Samad, making the loop smaller really helped, I’m getting the hang of it