Bind Returns

Hey guys,
Whenever I do a ‘Man on the Flying Trapeeze’ bind on my Dark Magic yo-yo with a polyester string it wont come back up. Does anyone have any suggestions?


If you are going from a breakaway you need to do an inward trapeze bind. You only do a trapeze bind when its not breakaway.

Trapeze binds, from my experience, aren’t very reliable. They tend to leave “kinks” in the gap of the yoyo which could cause it to snap back when you throw it. I would recommend sticking with backspin binds like the first three types of binds shown in the video Nova posted.

you should try to pinch the loop when you throw the string back in the gap. aan also try to throw the string dirrectly in the middle of the gap. get back to me on if it works

I disagree, i almost always do the funky rolling bind that andre does in his videos. I get more knots binding other ways than I do with this. Anyway, you might need to do one extra wrap before you drop the string.