Binding problems! Is it me or the yoyo?

So I have two yoyos,
Aoda Miracle
Magic Yoyo N5 Desperado
and I can’t seem to do binds with either of them!
When I do the basic trapeze bind, I have to “loop” the yoyo 3+ times before it comes back up.
However, it only ever comes up 1/20th of the time.
Is it something I’m doing wrong? My throws are strong and the yoyo lands on the string fair straight and stable.
Or is it the yoyos? Everything besides the strings are stock, by the way. Original fake Chinese KK bearings and response. The strings are Yoyocala 100% Poly strings.
Would replacing the response with flowable silicone help?
I’m a beginner and I’m quite new to the yoyoing community, so please bear with me.
Thank you.

Put your finger in front of the string then bring the string down into the gap of the yoyo. Then pull up on the TH string. Easiest bind ever!

ur yoyo is spining wrong direction try throwing forward not sideways

If the response is run down then change it. Otherwise it’s you.

This is my guess, too. A “trapeze bind” is a vague description, so it’s hard to say if you’re just doing it wrong. From a standard trapeze, a common bind is to pop it off the string and back UNDER, where it comes up, hits the string, and loops around your finger again (undermount trapeze? Is that what it’s called?)… then you can bind by dropping the loop into the gap or pulling up on the throw hand thus making it feed the loop into the gap.

If you’re “looping” like Lindy Loops (all on top of the trapeze), you’re doing it wrong.

When doing a bind make sure that the loop from the trapeze is big and the loop on your finger is small like a big looped trapeze, rhen after that cross your throw hand in front of the loop and

Check out the bind tutorial in the learn section of this website.

Note: check your response pads and make sure your string is not too loose or tight.