Binding Problems and Gyroscopic Flop

Hey, so i’m onto trapese/double-or-nothing/one and a half mount tricks now and I have noticed a problem with my binding…

i can’t do it?

i cannot bind at all from a trapese, i’ll wrap the string many times around the yoyo and there is obviously friction, but when i pull/let the yoyo go, the string just unravels and keeps spinning… i can bind VERY easily with a forward regular throw using the pinch method/even plastic whip for the intent of binding from that, but trapese just does not work for me…

what can i do?

any videos on binding from trapese?

gyroscopic flop:

its easy for me to get into… its just a plastic whip forward basically, but when i pull the string from the throw-hand, it just slows the yoyo down until it dies… and it only turns about half way…

i’m confused to whether or not there is a “feel” to it that i just havent found, or if my response pads are too responsive?

thanks for any and all help

To bind back from a trapeze, you need to go into an upside down trapeze. Hard to explain without video but if you watch some basic bind tutorials that should get you through. As for gyroscopic flop, it’s a feel thing. Try pushing one hand forward a bit and the other back towards you. Just a tiny bit should get the yoyo rotating.


When doing a regular trapeze bind, the yoyo is spinning the wrong way. When binding from that direction you have to go the other direction with your string, or wrap it a few times in a trapeze.

When wrapping it is going to come up and be snaggy on the next throw so don’t do it that often

You Can Bind From A Trapeze, it might be your response. And make sure the loop from the trapeze is big and then kinda cross and pull, make sure the loop is big and your hand is close to the yoyo. :wink: As for the Gyro Flop, if you twist your throwhand to the right it goes right faster.

And one BIG thing for the Gyro Flop, you need a GOOD long spinning yoyo. I can barely get 2-3 turns with a stackless PGM. But with my better ones I can get lots ;).

Good Luck, If you learn to bind properly and it still dose not come up, Check your pads ;).


From a breakaway, binding from an undermount ensures that you are biting the yoyo in the right direction. You can bind from trapeze, but it will be incredibly sloppy.