Can't do a bind most of the time

So i’ve been doing a bind.And when i throw a sleeper and do a bind without doing anything else i can do it.But when i do the trapeze or try to do anything i can’t do it.No matter how fast it’s spinning.

It is most likely you aren’t actually doing the bind correctly and are getting lucky with it snagging up to seem like a bind.

Are you pinching the loop so that it feeds into the gap of the yoyo rather then letting it slide through the gap?

Once you get that going, you should be able to eventually feel how it all works. :slight_smile:

This is one of those things that is just sooo much easier to show in person than through a message board.

I know how it works.And i understand what you mean.But if try to do it after doing the trapeze or after any trick it winds around the bearing and when i let it go it just comes off.

Make sure the string is on the correct side of the sleeping yoyo. and remember when you pinch the string, to tug upwards with your throw hand. Also check your response pads for wear.

Are you trying to front bind out of trapeze? That’s what I gathered.

If so, time to learn a side style (back) bind.

No.I do the trapeze and then i get it back to hang normally and then i do the bind and it doesnt work (i don’t know what this bind is called so i’ll leave a link to a video where i learned it from)

It’s because it’s spinning the opposite way when you throw a trapeze compared to regular throw. On trapeze just go the opposite way that you’d normally go to do the bind and it’ll work easy.

Yeah.It works now but sometimes really rarely it won’t bind even if i do it the right way.Also i have a hard time seeing in what direction it’s spinning.

Even pros miss binds, it happens. You’ll get better with practice.