This is fun, but harder than I had anticipated!

I’ve just about got my trapeze working 50-75% of the time… but can only do a bind return about 0.1% of the time (I’ve done it exactly twice…)… And then only with one specific throw… not my Maverick, the YYJ Classic…

The cool part is Ive been able to do 2 or three “backflips” once in the trapeze…

I’m keeping on keeping on… :slight_smile:

Nice man! U are pregressing fast!

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Once you get that bind, it won’t take long for it to become natural. It’s getting it the first few times with confidence that is tricky. :smiley:

Don’t drop the “loop” into the gap; pull back with the throwhand instead; make sure your yoyo is spinning fast enough until you become natural with binds; be aware that front style binds and side style binds are not the same (front style bind from trapeze will NOT work); glad to hear you’re persistent-- you’ll need it!

Once you get the bind down you’ve got it. Believe it or not doing that alone will impress more people than you think. ;D

So true. Good luck man. It can be a bit hard when first starting or trying to learn a new trick but it is worth it.

Awesome, man! Keep it up and you’ll be doing advanced tricks in no time. Each and every element you learn is like a building block to greater things, and the bind and trapeze are right at the base of those blocks. Just don’t give up and you’ll see just how rewarding a good ole’ jojo can be. :]

Also, this video helped me a lot when I was learning to bind, so I thought I’d share it with you. The “pinch and pull” is the perfect way to get the feel of the bind, and I still pinch quite often actually, and I’ve been at it for a little over a year now. I recommend just pinching the string and slowly pulling up with your throwhand until you feel the yoyo “bite”. Some people I’ve tried to teach get scared that the yoyo will hit them if they don’t let go so they never get that “bite” to happen, but trust me, when you feel the “bite” you’ll almost instinctively let go…

And if not—A good shot to the knuckles is something we all had to get used to at some time.  ;D

GOOD LUCK!  :wink:

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I second everything WR wrote. The pinching is so natural to me now that I don’t even know what else I would do.

Seriously, what do people do, just leave their finger with the loop loose around it?

Of course, with trick binds you’re not usually pinching; I just mean for basic backspin binds.

I’ll be practicing tonight… I had been throwing the loop over, crossing the string and it always starts to bind, but there is so much friction it slows down and only goes about half way up before dying out…

I need to look at the pinching technique - I had watched that video several times and just didnt understand the mechanics of it… I’ll get it eventually…

I don’t pinch :x

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You’re not binding on the backspin, it sounds like. You can “force” a bind this way, but it’s not the kind of bind you should be doing. :wink: I’m imagining you’re doing a front-style bind from the trapeze, which is going to cause grief and millions of failed binds. When you are correctly doing a “backspin” bind, you will have the yoyo satisfyingly grab the string and come back with authority… whether you are doing the “pull the throwhand back” technique or doing what you’re doing (crossing the loop over), you will feel a grab and the yoyo will shoot back.

Here’s another video to help. I’ll point out just one more time: this is a front-style sleeper, and then the loop is on the other side of the yoyo from your body. If you throw a side-style breakaway to trapeze, even though it “looks” the same (except sideways), the yoyo is spinning opposite and it won’t work:

I love the part where he shows what’s happening to the strings in the gap.

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Like that vid! ;D

Sometimes it’s easy to want to compensate when the bind isn’t working. And you throw the string giving yo a nasty tail. No bueno on the next throw… Pain it will cause. :o

Ok… that explains it, i think…

I’m throwing a breakaway into trapeze - an then trying to bind from there… I’m at work and need the yo in hand to really visualize this - so I’ll dig into it when I get home… It makes sense though - if the spin isnt going the opposite direction of the pull it wouldn’t bind…

Dude - I’m a Mechanical Engineer and your making my brain hurt… aaaahhhh rotational velocity, Friction = u*normal force… ahhhhhh… I guess I better break out my dynamics book…


Binding from the trapeze can be done, but it’s not as easy and can be quite snaggy. Notice how many times Andre has to throw out snags when he’s doing tutorials here?

You gotta flip that trapeze over like in the video, then you’ll be able to bind.

Here’s another one:

Just practice more. You WILL get it.

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I personally never bind from a trapeze… Undermount is the way to go. Binding from a trapeze is unnecessarily dangerous. lol.

But what do you do? Just have your forefinger stuck through a loop? If I try to pull back, it just slides around. And I refuse to “throw” it into the gap; too snaggy.

you’re lucky, the bind was easy for me but the trapeze always gave me FITS! you’re close to gettin it I’m sure. :slight_smile: