My yoyo is only binding one way?

i tried all sorts of ways to bind and ive practiced a ton to but known work except the easy one that alsya gets a not. My yoyo does not have the best respones system and i though that could be the problem but idk

It’s probably a combination of the response and your binding technique. Also, have you changed your string? That’s also a factor. It seems to me that on your binds, you should force the loop downward more. In other words, you are letting go of the loop too early IMO. Also, it helps when you bind to almost “pop” the yoyo up as you are binding. This lets the loop grab the response better and give it more time to.

I hope this helps!


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It’s definitely your technique. Try pulling the loop a bit bigger before pulling it into the gap. Also, make sure you are pulling the loop into the gap, as opposed to just dropping it. It makes a difference.

Just keep at it, and I’m sure you’ll figure it out in time. It’s all about getting a feel for a successful bind, as well as your yoyos response.

Just a few things that may (or may not, lol) help. First…it kinda looks like your string tension is out…when it bunches when it should be slack. Either the sidewinder trick will work, or take the string off your finger and let the string unwind itself. Also, when you flick the yoyo away from you, over your nonthrow hand finger, try touching your thumb to the end of your finger and letting the string slide down so you are pinching the loop. (and maybe make your loop a little bigger) When you throw the loop into the gap, at the same time, give just a little tug with your throw hand. Hope this helps :smiley:

thanks everyone i got it

When you are doing a brain twister mount to bind, your non-throw hand pointer’s string must not be long before the bind as it will create a knot when you play and it will hurt you.