Why doesn’t my yo-yo come back up when I bind?

idk why my yoyo not comeback up but i do a bind. My yoyo is magicyoyo Y03 herzt. I make sure I do bind correctly


It took me 3 months to figure out how to do it correctly. It’s all in the practice and how much string you are throwing into the yoyo. Keep trying


I’ve been doing it for 8 years now and I know so many different ways of bind that I don’t even think about it anymore. You will get it eventually


I am still fairly new to binding. Even when I think I have done everyrhing right, the yoyo still slips and fails to return.

Mainly user error, not equipment error.

I am finding that each yoyo/string combo (It does have a effect) bind and react differently.

Increasing your tail or loop before you pinch and start the bind may help.

Thicker string while trying to learn the mechanics also aided me in learning.

Ultimately it is practice and persistence to; 1) Figure it out for your set up. 2) Repatedly doing it till it becomes 2nd nature. (Both mentioned in previous replies).

Have Fun


Thank you very much i will be pratice more for a better bind

Let me ask you a question, I have to wrap a lot of loops (the string on the yoyo finger) when I do bind for the yoyo to come back. Do you know why not?

How long is your string? How tall are you?

Because if the string is too long it will make it harder for you to bind, but it also depends on how tall you are. If you are younger and smaller then you can shorten your string

I’m 6 feet tall and I use about 43 inches of string

Not sure what you are referring too.

Once the yoyo is in the mount. You have a loop on your non-throw finger. Pinch that loop with your non-throw hand thumb. Pull up with your throw hand and feed the pinched loop into the yoyo.

You will feel the yoyo slow down and this is the start of your bind.

Release loop on non throw hand and small tug on throw hand.

Yoyo speed does make a difference too. The slower the speed, the more loop you need.

The op says the string on his yoyo finger so that’s why I was wondering how long the string is

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That is where my confusion is also. I cant visualize what he is talking about on the throw hand to make a bind.

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Yeah I’m wondering if he is looping the extra string around his throw hand finger

Either way I’m sure we are helping

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I found this link to bind tutorials very helpful. The gentleman is a very good teacher.

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Sometimes I see people mess up a bind just because they don’t get the fact to do a little “up” with the throw hand wrist while you bind, except if the yoyo is unbelievable responsive, you have to give also a little wrist hit to make the bind effective.
Couple of weeks ago I was learning the bind to a friend, he was doing all the movement correctly except the throw hand little hit with the wrist, once he put that in his mind he was able to bind (not perfectly but al least the yoyo grab the string), maybe the OP need to check also that movement because is not all in the loop you do with the string

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For the bind, if you are doing a front throw, throw the loop in the yoyo while pulling your throwhand up.
Also, do not hesitate to create a larger loop than necessary in the beginning as this will help you accentuate the movement. Once you have the move down, you can get away with a smaller loop.
This will help a lot in doing the basic bind, just be careful not to cover your face if it comes up unexpectedly. Pull your hand away, this will save you multiple times.

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Easiest first bind by @yoyodoc .

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If you are just attempting the basic bind make sure your non-throw-hand with the string that will trigger the bind is below your throw hand. Also make sure that your bind goes opposite to the direction of spin otherwise it isn’t going to bind.