Need a tip on binding

I am trying to learn basic binds and would like some tips or advice on how to avoid long looped strands of slack getting wound up in the gap as the yoyo returns (see image).


This mostly happens on attempts at binding from a side mount. I am landing the trapeze, and then I flip it around so I can bind on backspin. I am pulling away and down without pinching (it doesn’t seem like the pros pinch). Half the time the string doesn’t catch in the gap and I get no bind, and the other half of the time it does bind but I get some length of slack wound up in the gap on return. Sometimes it is only a little bit of slack, but a lot of the time it is very long as shown in the photo above.

What am I doing wrong? (I know it is hard to say definitively without seeing what I am doing first hand, but I’m hoping there is common advice for this problem that can be imparted.)

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The basic frontstyle and backspin binds really require a pinch. The binds that don’t are the ones where you’re throwing the string into the gap off to the side or up in the air (basically most advanced binds).

As for the excess string, that’ll go away with practice. It mainly occurs when you’re feeding too much string into the gap for the amount of spin the yoyo has or you’re feeding the string in too quickly/slowly.

It takes trial and error. I and I imagine many others had the same issue when learning to bind, it’ll naturally smoove itself out the more you practice.


Yeah, I still get those large loops every now and then. It just happens sometimes. Also some things to note that might make binding a little smoother -

make sure you have fairly neutral string torsion (otherwise known a tension, although that is technically the incorrect term). It doesn’t have to be perfectly neutral, but the more the better

And also if your string feels like it’s getting worn out and soggy, changing your string can help your binds. They get really grippy after a while, especially 100% polyester strings

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When you’re releasing the string that you’re holding to initiate the bind, you just have to make sure you drop both sections in the gap of the yoyo. I still remember this problem vividly after all these years. If you drop that string and it falls off to either side of the yoyo, that when you end up with the knot you have there. As previously mentioned, practicing is all you can do, but it’s the direction of where you’re dropping that string that’s causing your current problem

Try not to cross the loop coming from your non-throw hand and the string coming from your throw hand. Like… when you’re binding from a breakaway the loop from the non-throw hand should be closer to your body/closer to your dominant side (so your right if you’re right handed) than the string from your throw hand. Also you can try to kind of swing the yoyo away from you as you bind. Those tips help me a lot when I play with my other hand, so I hope they help you.

I can’t tell for sure from the photo but it almost looks like you’re rocking a slim bearing (geared more towards responsive play).

From memory the Sage comes with both?

If that’s the case just swap it out for the wider bearing and you should be sweet. If you’re already using the wide bearing, disregard what I said and follow the advice above :slight_smile:

That string looks pretty beat! Old strings start to behave poorly. Change that string!

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Yes, the photo is of a Sage, that’s correct. But I experience the same issues with my Replay Pro.

After some help from @andy569, I’ve learned that I really do need to pinch the string. I can pretty reliably do a front backspin bind, and now I’m working on a side backspin bind (catching it, of all things, seems to be the problem there, now).

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Pros don’t really pinch because they have the experience and knowledge of when to release the string before it jams. I’ve been yoyoing for 4 years now and I still punch sometimes when I bind. It’s a good habit to make because it avoids jams more.

Yeah, I probably should replace the string on the Sage. I just like trying to get the most mileage out of strings that I can, which is probably pretty stupid since anything and everything that gets in the way of learning/improving needs to be eliminated from the process, including ratty strings.

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I know how you feel, and I have been called out on that very thing on this forum! :flushed:

Dirty strings are like dirty underpants! You don’t wanna go there! :poop:

Change strings frequently and often!


So here’s an odd thing: when I practice simple backspin binds with my Replay Pro, a backspin front bind works every time, but a backspin breakaway bind fails 95% of the time (the yoyo fails to grab the string, which is almost new, btw). With other unresponsive yoyos that I try this on, I get a 95% success rate instead. So what could be going on with the Replay Pro? Why would a front bind work while a side bind won’t?

I kept thinking there was something wrong with my technique, but like I said, my side binds work pretty consistently with other yoyos, just not the Replay Pro.

That is pretty odd. I use a Replay pretty regularly (keep one in my toolbox at work) and don’t run into that issue. Could you do a video clip? Then we might be able to see what’s going wrong

The Replay Pro has a very wide gap actually - and I kind of know what you are talking about having watched people learn on them. A bind from a breakaway throw does require you to pull up a bit more since the string is usually more to the side of your body and at more of an angle. So combination of really pulling ‘up’ with your throw hand as you pull the string down with non-throwhand. You can also try moving the yo-yo more towards the right side of your body to bind it up so it is more directly below your throw hand (if you are right handed?) That might also allow it to grab the string a little easier!

But yeah - feel free to share a video clip maybe too! :blush:

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I didn’t think about it at first, but I also usually use XL strings on plastics, which probably makes binding a little easier.

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Good point too! @zslane if you are using standard string might be worth trying a thicker version like Fat Kitty String or YoYoStringLab Ammo/Venom/Plutonium.

Okay, I’ll give that a try. I have a brand new pack of neon orange Plutonium strings at my disposal.

To what extent do “fat” strings limit the number of times you can wrap the string into the gap during tricks?

Awesome - and definitely swing the yo-yo closer to your throwhand side - the further the yo-yo is towards the throwhand side of your body when you bind - the easier it will bind.