Binding, string tension and other questions

So after I got my YYJ Legacy yesterday, I instantly started to try binding. I already did it with my F.A.S.T. 201 but then I realized it was only that easy because it was more responsive. Now with my Legacy the string just seems to slip through the yoyo gap and nothing happens like 50% of the time, and when it works I have like a part of the string sticking out of the yoyo and that makes the throw go all weird and not smooth, what can I do about that, and any tips for binding?

Also about string tension, I have had this problem since the beginning, after a couple of tricks the string just loosens and I have to do UFO again or let it spin out (on another note, how do I do a Sidewinder with an unresponsive yoyo? I have seen André do it a couple of times with his DM)

And because of the wide gap the string sometimes goes more to one side of the gap so the yoyo is not straight anymore. What do I do against this? Or do I just need to get my throw more straight?

Alright when binding you first throw a straight sleeper or breakaway but when in the sleeper from you get into your bind mount and pinch the string with index and thumb and bring the loop closer to the yoyo then release the loop.

About the string tension I just the slipknot off my finger then let it sit there for a little bit and put back on my finger.

If the yoyo is tilting forward in your breakaway take the string attached to your finger and push it forward and the loop backwards and the oppisite if its tilting backwards.

Hope I helped if not PM me. :wink: :slight_smile:

For binding, you want to really throw that loop down. That’s the toughest part for many people. Another tip would be to pinch the middle string (that’s directly attached to the yoyo) with your index and thumb. Then if you really want, try to make the yoyo move upwards in conjunction with the other things. The reason you have part of the string sticking out sometimes is because you used too big of a loop. It doesn’t affect anything really, you just have to redo the bind. Sorry for the slo-mo, but this might also help:

There are many many ways to adjust string tension. You can do it how you do, how Thomas said, or sidewinder. He shows it at about 1:18:

So the string isn’t centered on the bearing? Not much you can do. The best thing is to just not worry about it and continue to throw. When you start to have a pretty good throw, the string will be centered with the throw.

For future reference, all of this information could have been found with a fairly simple search. :wink:

There is another way to adjust string tension as well, to add to previous posts. I do a split bottom mount, then, use the non-throwhand to take the middle string out of the mount and bring it parallel to the yoyo.

I notice for my Legacy is that Binding works better if it’s a reverse spin bind which is a bind going against the spin of the yo-yo. No loop hanging out or anything.

Tension: the tricks I noticed that make my string bundle up are lacerations and whips. Be careful of those so if you are practicing something like Iron whip or hidemasa hook then make sure to just take it off and let it hang there for a while.

That is my prefered way to fix string tension. There is a video of it here:

But this is also an option:

About binding, it’s just something you have to practice. Kinda get the feel for the yoyo, so you know how to bind with it. It’s different from various yoyos, depending on the response system, and the string you use.
Experience with how big a loop you feed into the gap. I remember having problems with good binds when I started, but you will get it if you just practice.

About the string sliding on the bearing. A KonKave bearing can fix this to a certain point (correct me if im wrong)

A KK is only good for that reason. If you just work on your throw, then there’s no advantage to using a KK over a flat bearing.

Yes, that can help too but every throw cannot be perfect so the KK can even be useful for the advanced player. Also it centers the strings going into the gap during string tricks for less tilt

When I was learning to bind the one thing I took a while to get was how to wrap the string. Say you are in a reverse trapeze… pull hard on the string hand and drop your free hand towards the yoyo… when you let the free hand loop go you’ve already wound some around the yo. That probably makes no sense, but it’s the hands pushing in opposite directions that force the yoyo to pick up.

At first I never got it… then once I understood how it felt I got it every time. Hope this helps.

For the binding, you just need to pinch the string and push it in the yoyo gap, and it should work. Also just work on your throw, and make sure the string is centered in middle of the yoyo gap. And other people showed you some unresponsive yoyo string untangling tricks. So hope this clears everything up, and your set to go! :wink: