Uh...spaghetti string?

Disclaimer: I do apologize for my recent flurry of posts but yo-yoing has actually been helping me concentrate on tasks more LOL so I’d like to now as much about my errors and things and mechanically fix them.

So recently got an Magic yoyo N12 (Beautiful and i love the weight and size) to get into unresponsive yo-yoing and it’s been blast except I find that the tension on string increases lie super quickly. Not sure if it’s an error on my part or the string but I tried Candywire and yoyoexpert string so far and it’s been the same result for both.

And with that I get into my other problem. binding on a side throw has been recently frustrating because a part of the string gets jammed up and I’ve been smacking myself more and more with each throw after the bind. This coincides with regularly binding it too and string tension. Even when string tension is at neutral I someone find my throws rebounding and smacking me. I don’t want to keep injuring myself because thats not really gonna be fun so :[[[[


Tension in the string depends on which tricks you’re doing and how often you’re winding/throwing the yoyo.
I find I get tension more easily when doing tricks like revolutions and other things where the yoyo is actually spinning around the string. When your yoyo spins out if you fail to bind it first, does it spin? That can also increase the tension.
Sometimes, if the string is getting old, it can increase how easily you get tension as well.
Some strings also just don’t have very good string tension in general.

Well just trying to get my side mounts down to a t so I can move onto other tricks. Methodically trying to progress so to speak so I’m not really sure if thats the problem making the tension increase.

They’re brand new strings I got yesterday, I’m not too sure whats happening ><. I usually don’t fail to bind either because I like being consistent so by the time I got my yoyo I was pretty accustomed to only missing maybe 1/25

Do you wind the yoyo by hand? Not sure but that might cause you to loose sting tension quicker. And if you got the string yesterday, they should be fine, probably not worn out. What really helped me to consistently keep good string tension is learning the trick side winder on an unresponsive yoyo. This trick was tough to learn but helps a lot once you get it down.

As for your bind problem, I’m not sure what the problem could be.

Do you mean getting a knot-ish thing after you bind?
If so:
I get that a lot, too. I haven’t made a solution that is 100% fool-proof. I don’t know if there is one.
I have been throwing for a couple years, so I can feel when there is a knot or disturbance in the string. Just be careful when throwing. Turn your hand over immediately after the throw if you feel like it’s about to come back up. Sorry if it’s not much help.

It sounds like an issue with string tension.  Each time you throw and bind your yo-yo, you are twisting the string once in the same direction.  If you are consistently practicing breakaway to trapeze you are probably binding a lot and therefore twisting the string more and more each time.  The tighter you twist a string the more it will twist up on itself and not perform properly.  This is a great video to show you how to loosen and adjust your string tension:

Hope that helps!


Yeah thats exactly what I mean and I’ve been flicking my wrist exaggeratedly when I do feel the knot-ish spaghetti string thing LOL

The way your string is twisted there is a result of tension I mentioned before. And that extra loop of string hanging after you bind is usually a result of just throwing too much string in the gap. Try to bind using less string and see if that helps.

I often get my knot binds when the tension is bad or when I accidentally throw the string in not-the-perfect direction. I always cringe whenever I realize what I just did. Bad string tension can cause a twisted loop to go around the axle causing a nasty knot. It will happen more with tight tension than with loose tension, because tight string is “whippy.”

Most likely you wound the string manually forward (if you are right handed)?
Try to wind the string backward. Winding forward will tighten the string, winding backward will loosen the string.
If for some reason I have to wind the string manually, I usually wound forward halfway, flip the yoyo, then wind the rest backward. That keeps the neutral tension.

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Good advice. This is another reason why learning the snap/push start is a great idea.

Actually didn’t consider that :open_mouth: quite a new to the yo-yoing.
Thanks for the advice.
I can’t do the snap start like my hands are too small for it

It sounded liked a tention problem. I usually just throw (if your right handed) a ufo to the left and that trick makes the string less tense. Yeah I can’t snap start either. I kinda gave up on it. XD

I do a variation on the trick Garrett linked :open_mouth: cause I have no luck doing a ufo whatsoever I end up just smack myself

I’m 6’2" and have hands that match my body size. So pretty big hands. But I can’t seem to get snap starting down at all either. So I’m not sure it’s a hand size problem.

On the other hand, push starting is much easier to learn, and really helped me a lot. I can occasionally snap start, but never really try it unless I’m practicing it, because it’s really unreliable for me, even with big hands.

Use thumb restart just like how Andre taught in this site’s learning section, make sure to pull the yoyo with your throw hand instead of pushing down, or flick spin it just like spinning a top but sideways.

It takes practice though so don’t give up. I think the best way to do it is to learn how to bind a very slow spinning yoyo first. With restarts you don’t need to flick it too fast actually, even very slow spin should be bindable (the yoyo should be spinning backward). Or you can start with a responsive yoyo, which in my opinion kinda easier, One can do responsive restart by hanging the yoyo on the outer side of your foot, then pull it upward so the yoyo hit the shoe and spins. It looks real flashy but IMO it’s as simple as trapeze.

string tension doesn’t change much if at all depending on the yoyo. when you bind try to make the loop as small as possible to avoid getting tangles in the string and knotting for your next throw.