String gets loose?

Hallo. I just had a really quick question, that’s REALLY annoying. Why the heck does my yoyo string get loose at the end when I throw it? It makes the stupid yoyo go off to the side making me have to bind it really quickly. It is not my throw because it hapens when I am doing a trick, not right when I throw it. Please help me quickly, because I am most likely gonna perform in front of some friends tomorrow at school during lunch (maybe in front of a lot more people though, who knows ;)) So how can I preent it from loosening it up at the bottom? Thanks guys, you’re the best :smiley:

Are you left handed? It sounds like a string tension problem.

Ah interesting. No, I am not left haneed. And im NOT QUITE SURE if it is a string tension problem or not. Because I have this method of string tension where I keep the yoyo dead, pull the yoyo up, and take the yoyo and spin it to the right. Then the left. And I keep doing this until the string does not make its own spaghetti when I hold 2 parts of the string right next to eachother. Can I rely on this method or no? Thanks.

the easiest way for me to fix string tension is to take the string off of my finger and run my hand till the string is straight. Of course my main method is a string tension trick but I’m sayin the easiest and most reliable is this.

Hmm, ok ill try that out. Thanks hobbies.

you can also do a 1.5 mount and by pulling the string in the middle to the left or right you can increase and decrese string tension

he had a thread yesterday. Can’t do 1.5 yet… I’m sure in like a month tho he’s gonna have learned everything and go to nationals and place first ;D.

I’m not sure what’s happening based on the description. In which way is it coming loose, and in what manner is it going “to the side”? If the string is loose enough that the yoyo is going to pop out, I’m surprised you’re noticing and binding in time! When that happens, usually you hear it go “ding” before you realize what’s going on. :wink:

Haha! You made me laugh. And actually I got the 1.5 down like 1 hour after I posted that other thread. Heh heh. And to Greg, let me try to make it a bit more clear, because it is pretty hard to explain in words. Ok so… the little part (the very end) of the string. Whenever I am in the middle of doing a trick, that part does not stay still, instead, the string… slowly comes apart as if I was loosening up the string enough to put t on the yoyo. So now that the little “gap” on the bottom of the string is there, it makes the string go off to the side, causing the whole yoyo to go on 1 side. Does that make sense? If you REALLY need pictures, then ill try to get some up, but it would be hard to because of the angle that it is in.

But it’s not going loose enough for the yoyo to come off, is it?

It’s pretty normal for the loop to not be tight around the axle. And it’s also normal for the loop to go more towards one side or the other. If you just held the breakaway, it would eventually tilt and also precess due to this “off center” nature of the loop. That’s all totally normal stuff. As long as your string tension is neutral, you are probably already doing everything right.

What kind of string?

100% Poly red white and black YoYoExpert string.