String coming off yoyo?

Hey guys I’m still relatively new (1 year casual) and used mostly Blueprint string in the past but recently I started trying candy wire fat and this strange thing has happened to me twice already but when I undo the string tension with the trapeze sideways ufo thing (does it have a name?) I’ve litterally had the string actually come off of my yo-yo’s axle. Now its pretty difficult for me to determine which way i should undo the tension so its possible I was undoing it in the wrong direction, but I’ve litterally never had this happen to me with blueprint.
Have any of you experienced this before?

I know exactly how you feel and this has happened to me number of times. It hasn’t been totally a bummer but the string ends up landing in some kind of Off String Mount. I end up having to do an Off String Bind to get it back to my hand, thereby further messing the String Tension up. The best way I have found to deal with this is to drop the Yo-Yo to a Sleep at just the right time before the Sleep Loop end of the String unwinds off the Axle-Bearing. The good thing is the Yo-Yo doesn’t just wildly fly off the string. Once there, though, you’re going to have to Return the Yo-Yo to your hand and re-throw back into the String Tension Trapeze thing and do it again and again until you get the String Tension right.

I mean, I guess it’s better than letting the Yo-Yo dangle mindlessly Spinning Counter-Clockwise on the End of the String.

Yes the first time it happened to me it flew off but the second time it landed in an offstring mount but since I don’t know any offstring I wasn’t able to do anything from there.

I don’t know any offstring so I’m not sure what this means, but are you saying you can actually get the string back on the axle mid-play ?

Also are there certain strings that this happens with more often?

I’m saying before it feels like the String is going to fly off the Axle-Bearing. Drop the Yo-Yo down to the floor as in a normal Hard Thrown Sleeper’s normal position, Bind back to your hand and re-throw into the Trapeze String Tension Trick and do it again until the String feels like it’s going to fly off, re-Bind, re-peat…?

Oh ok thanks for the advice. I’m not sure if I can tell when its going to happen but I’ll try.

With standard string, using a UFO it’s righty tighty, lefty loosey.
If it’s coming off you’re probably doing too much loosey…

Doesnt it matter which direction the yo-yo is spinning (front throw or breakaway) ?

Can anybody confirm that this is the most present/best way of dealing with String Tension with an Unresponsive Yo-Yo? The Trapeze String Tension technique.

I can’t UFO-UFO with my Torque, lol…that would indeed be the preferred method, tho.

try it both ways and see which way tightens and which way loosens. It should be obvious looking at the string…

Ok thanks I’ll try it. Sometimes its difficult to tell for me.

Also correcting my initial post, i wasn’t using kitty string fat, i meant candy wire fat.

A looser string shows a looser wind in the twist and vice versa.