Unresponsive Yoyo string tension?


I have a YYF Protostar, my string at times gets WAY too tight. i have watched the sidewinder and the UFO yoyo tricks but both are for responsive yoyos. Is there a way to loosen a tight string, on an unresponsive yoyo, without stopping the yoyo from spinning/taking it off of your finger?

(George Wollaston) #2

Take a look at this:


If you’re right handed, throw a trapeze. Pop the yoyo off but pinch the yoyo string as if you’re gonna do a slack trapeze, or pop off AS IF you’re were going to do a Trapeze and bro, but don’t do it, pinch the string. With the yoyo in a hang(and spinning) with a few inches of string between the yoyo and your fingers, bring your throw hand to your non-throw hand and see if the string wants to wrap around itself. If so, you have string tension issues that you need to correct.

Bind and return. Throw a trapeze again. Move the loop to your index finger on your non-throw hand. Pull the MIDDLE string OUT and DOWN(play with how much down, it varies from yoyo to yoyo and speed). Yes, you’re gonna kill the yoyo the first few times you do this.

Too loose? Pull that string IN and DOWN.

Lefties: opposite directions. OUT tightens, IN loosens. I think. Somehting like that.

You can also do this from a split bottom mount but I never have any luck with that. It CAN be done, I just can’t do it.


YOU are a life saver! thank you!

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You can do UFO and sidewinder with an unresponsive…


I can’t find a video of how a lot of people adjust string tension at competitions. I did the method hogheg posted a video for for a while, but then I asked yoshi how he adjusted string tension and he showed me, what I feel, is a better way.
Basically you just pinch the string near the yoyo, and do a mini side winder.
I just recorded a video now. I didn’t realize it before but I’m wearing my 2011 worlds shirt in it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do a side winder by moving your hand to the left or right as soon as you bind.
You can also bind after doing a UFO by popping it up and binding sideways.