How to adjust string tension on an unresponsive yoyo

How can I adjust string tension on an unresponsive yoyo? I was hoping for a trick or a cool way to do it, and a UFO will not work on an unresponsive yoyo.

I saw a way where you get it in a front trapeze, and pull the middle string to the side, but it always increases the tension instead of loosening. Any ideas?

Pull it to the other side. If you can do that and get it to increase tension then you are doing it correctly but to the wrong side. Pull it to the other side and you will alleviate the tension.

Split bottom mount, pull middle string to the left to loosen.


This is how I see a lot of players at contests or meetups do it

basically mini sidewinders follow by a bind.

You can UFO an unresponsive yoyo.

You could but I doubt that someone who’s asking how to adjust string tension would be able to perform a horizontal bind.


this is my favorite string tension trick
(this is for right handed people)

  1. start in a split bottom mount
  2. get into the starting position for mach five
  3. make sure your NTH index finger is in front
    4.pull the string on your NTH index to the left
    there you go an unresponsive sidewinder pretty much

weird but i do mine slightly different

I actually go into a front mount (the same mount to bind frontstyle if im not mistaken)
then i usually pull the string in the middle to the left side of the yoyo to loosen. and otherside with tightening.

I found this EXTREMELY useful and I use this ‘trick’ all the time:

i use that a lot too