Adjusting string tension on a non-rsponsive yoyo

How do you do tricks like UFO and Side Winder on a non responsive yoyo? Or, what can you do to adjust string tension on a NR yoyo?

Sidewinders work, just bind afterwards.
There is also a “standard” de-tensioning trick that starts as a split bottom mount.
Or just take the string off your finger.

There are a bunch of threads on this topic.  The search button is very useful (you wouldn’t even have to wait for replies! :)).  I found these by searching for “string tension.”,11778.0.html,26152.0.html

and this one is especially useful, IMO:

i always use the split bottom mount one and it works perfectly. just go into a split bottom and pull the string closest to you away from your throw hand and it will start spinning.