Adjusting string tension on unresponsiv yoyos


How do you guys adjust your string tension on those dead-unresponsive yoyos?

I have the habit of doing these sidewinder kinda thingies with my loopers, but they wont work on my unresponsive yoyo. Or am I missing something?
Andre shows the UFO in his tuts, but what good is a UFO if it won’t snap back into your hand? (btw, it confuses me how his DM is so responsive in some of his vids. Mine is dead unresponsive)

There must be a way. Please enlighten me.

Thanks in advance


(DOGS) #2

I throw and pinch the string halfway down, and then lift it up and whip the slacked string around the yoyo a bunch after times and then just drop it. just do it the right way though!


Go into a split bottom mount drop the string and pull the middle string to the left, then drop and bind. :wink:


Thank you guys for the quick replies. I’ll go and try those 2 methods.

(LookAYoYo) #5
  1. do what yoyoyoyo said: throw a split bottom mount, drop your nonthrow, pull the furthest inside string. that should loosen it quite a bit.

  2. his is responsive in some videos because of the adjustable gap + Lube. the gap can make it responsive, but sometimes not enough so you can also lube the bearing to slow it down.


Yeah the method I said is easy and effective. I use it all the time. :wink:


What I do is throw a split bottom mount and to tighten, I pull the 2 outside strings to the left and to loosen the tension, I pull the middle string to the left. After I just snap start it.

(YoYoBlaze) #8

You will find MANY ways to change your string tension for unresponsive yoyos in my Quick-Guide:,6883.msg77898/topicseen.html#msg77898

P.S: Andre’s Dark Magic is so responsive because he uses Thick Lube and sets his Gap Width to the tightest possible.