Adjust string tension of unresponsive yoyo???

What trick or method can you use to adjust the string tension of an unresponsice yoyo? ???


There are many topics on this forum asking the same question. Give a quick search and you can find a ton of useful information to help you out. :wink:

thats an easy one. if u look at the tricks section there is a trick called side winder. u can use that trick to adjust string tension.

thats with a responsivve yoyo :wink:

Try Using the Split Bottom Mount
then Release ur NTH
then take ur non throw hand and grap the string connected to the yoyo
and then pull to the left to reduce tention

Well there are four ways that I have used:

  1. UFO. You will need to wind up your yo-yo or flick start afterwards.
  2. Sidewinder. Same case as the UFO.
  3. Let the yo-yo dangle and/or/while spinning the yo-yo counter-clockwise for looser string and clockwise for tighter string.
  4. Let the string dangle while holding the yo-yo. The fastest to release tension but a hassle to take the slipknot off your hand.

Usually I do #1 or #3. #4 I always do when I’m done yo-yoing to make sure my string is not too loose or tight the next time I yo-yo.

Fedya’s String Tension Trick :slight_smile: