string adjustment.....HELp!


Just wondering what others use to adjust thier string tension during play with a non responsive yoyo (888)? I thow alot of side style tricks and not much else and ussally end up taking string off finger to let it spin out to get a relax string again. Just wondering if there is an easier way/ trick to quickly adjust the string tension with out removing it from finger??

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a quick sidewinder can do the trick.
Or what some players will do is do a mini sidewinder by pinching the string about 3 inches from the yoyo and flipping it like a sidewinder in either direction depending if the string is tighter or looser.



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Here is a video by Ryan Gee that he did for the contest


Throw a sleeper and take your TH and move it in a clockwise motion aroound the string.
there is a vid on youtube i will try and post it for you

#6 the third method at about 2 minutes


Wow , woke up today with all these great lil tips on string tension. WHoo0p thanks for the help guys… You all RawK!!