String tension tricks

I’ve looked around but can’t seem to find any tricks to loosen my string tension with an unresponsive yoyo :confused: I tried just attempting the sidewinder an UFO anyway but they don’t work with unresponsive :stuck_out_tongue: I’m fairly new so if it’s something obvious that I just missed, then you may laugh. I know I would.

laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh. Joking

In all seriousness, I don’t know of a trick that adjusts string tension. I just usually let the yoyo hang at the bottom of the string, (non spinning of course) and gently run my nonthrowhand thumb and pointer down the string to help it spin faster, and adjust string tension that way.

I was in the same boat just 2 weeks ago when trying to work on some slack tricks. I was getting tired of taking the yoyo off the hands and let the string untwist. I knew Sidewinder and UFO wouldn’t quite work and I knew I saw another trick where the string was pulled to the side. Finally I found out what they do, it’s quite simple.

Try this:
Do a split bottom mount, and then pull the string that’s in the middle out to the left gently (assuming you throw right handed). The string should rapidly vibrate/spin like a UFO. A couple seconds seems to work for me. Do with caution, I had my yoyo come completely off as I loosened it too much…and pretty much did an offstring runaway dog!

Hope that helps!

Edit: Found a video on Youtube, this guy does it through a trapeze.

There’s another video on the 'tube as well but in respect to YYE’s rules I won’t post link since it has a branding/link to a yoyo store. You can just check out ‘adjusting string tension on unresponsive yoyo’ and should have some decent results.

Here’s the trick AngryGumball was talking about:

And here’s three other ways: (I perfer the first for loosening, the second for tightening, I don’t really use the third.)
(It’s not in English, but you can understand through the movements): (once you know which way to swing the slack, it’s super easy.)


What like to do is land a thumb grind and pull the string away in a way similar to the trick Washing Machine. It works great for adjusting tension, is quick, and looks pretty cool.

a little while ago, I learned how to do sidewinders on unresponsive throws. It’s a game of timing once you can do it on a responsive yoyo.

Steps(to loosen on standard(non left handed) string):

  1. Throw yoyo so when you look at it, it is spinning counterclockwise.
  2. land a trapeze
  3. Tricky part ahead: do a combination of binding and a forward throwing motion. Look up videos on 3D eli hops or other 3D moves if you don’t know what I mean
  4. The yoyo should throw the string around quickly like it would on a responsive throw
  5. At the end of de-tensioning, your throw hand should be level with the yoyo, ready to catch it

Good luck! If you need further clarification, I might be able to get a video up :slight_smile: