string tension help

does anybody know how to get rid of stringtension with a Unresponsive yoyo i do ufo but it get boring cause i have to keep winding it up every time any tips???

learn other ways to adjust string tension, look up unresponsive sidewinder.

Well, there are a couple ways…
The simplest is just to take the loop off your finger and let it hang there, then pinch it and run down it to get out all the rest of the tension. It works well, but its a little inconvinient. I find myself doing it alot, though.

The trick I use is like this. Throw a forward sleeper, then grab the string about halfway and bring the yoyo up to your face. Then take your throw hand and whip the string in circles around the string that is conming from your yoyo to your non-throw hand. If your’re looking down on it, whip it around counterclockwise. The other way will tighten the string. Then just let go of everything. Do this as much as is needed. If that doesn’t help you (I know it’s kind of hard to understand from this explanation), then maybe this guy can show you some stuff.

Focus on the second technique he uses.  Obviously, you can’t read what he is putting there, but it is fairly self explanatory.  But rather than performing it out of a tug, just bind, and then do the -technical term coming up here- swooshing motion. If you are right handed, you want to swoosh to the left of your yoyo, sending the yoyo to the outside of your body, and spinning the string.

I use the way of putting your yoyo in a split bottom mount. Drop your non-throwhand. There will be 3 strings coming from your throwhand pointer. Pluck the middle string to the left (if right handed), and it will spin around like a sidewinder. I forgot where to video tut fot this is, but there is a demo here:

It’s at 1:13.

That’s how I do it, quick and easy.

just by winding the yoyo tightens the string… try learning the snap start


Any of the above methods work.

You could also wind the yo-yo backwards. That will loosen the string whenever you wind it up.


My way is completely different. Throw a sleep sideways like a breakaway and leaning a little away from you. Bind, and bring your throwhand back and the yoyo comes up and does a sidewinder loosening the tension. ;D