Help with string tension!

Hey does anyone have a good way to adjust your string tension, without taking it off your finger, when your yoyo is unresposive? Like maybe a video to watch? If someone could help that would be great! Thanks.


You can do Sidewinders.  A Sidewinder to the left will loosen the tension, whilst one to the right will tighten.  Quick and simple.

However, this is what I do:

Throw a Split bottom Mount and pull out your freehand index finger.
There should be three strings hanging from your throwhand now.
Grab the middle one and pull it to the left (assuming you are right handed). This will loosen the tension…  Alternately,  do the same maneuver, but pull the string to the RIGHT, which will tighten the tension. ( this is tricky, and takes some weird arm twisting to do well, just practice… you really rarely ever need to TIGHTEN your string, anyways…)

It will look kind of like the trick sidewinder. Don’t do it for too long, or the string will loosen right off of the yoyo.

For a visual: (copy/paste in your browser)

Once you get that, you can use the same theory in several different ways, such as:

Throw a Breakaway to Trapeze, and bring your  hands together… use your throwhand to grab the string on the far left side while using your freehand index to extend the string coming from the yoyo ( the ‘middle’ string) and justbring it out in front of the yoyo…  same thing as I just mentioned, but a different maneuver.  it loosens the string.

if your a right your string tension usually gets to tight. So when it dies just spin the yoyo to the left and it should make your string tension better.

k thanks :slight_smile:

well you can just pull you hand to the right or left really fast . it wont comeback but it will loosen it. later and remember keep it spinning.

Thanks dude the video really helped! :wink:

that’s somewhat similar to what i do only i just pop the yo up to my left or right. I’ll try this one out though.