string tension tricks ummmm... do not work...?

So Ive seen quite a few tutorials on adjusting string tension, and none of them seem to work for me.
Usually it will do the opposite of what it is intended to do.

Any advice/tips/other string tension tricks?

Yeah watch which way your string twists. you will see it either spins in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction.
Then you have to think of whether you have thrown your yoyo spinning clockwise or counterclockwise.
If you know those things doing the string tension in the correct direction is not very hard.
Basically if it is twisting in a counter clockwise direction do the string tension trick so it spins the string in a clockwise manner. Thus eliminating your string problems, and returning your string tension to neutral.
Or do it like I do and try the string tension trick in one direction. If that makes it worse do it in the opposite direction.

Are you lefty or righty? What kind of string are you using? Do you throw breakaways or front throws?

using yoyo expert poly string, of which I am not much of a fan of.
as for throwing, I usually go with a break away

here’s the best way (THE BEST) to remove string tension…

step 1: Learn Plastic Whip
step 2: Do plastic whip
step 3: Bring thumb close to THfinger
step 4: pull middle string away from yoyo
step 5: watch it spin around and stop when you want… this takes experimenting with and eventually you will find the tension that works best for you


hope this helps :slight_smile:

Mileage may vary.

These tricks DO work… it’s just physics. They make the string repeatedly reject around the yoyo, which is either twisting it up, or untwisting it. I mean, they HAVE to work. It’s physically impossible for there to be zero net effect. :wink:

The plastic whip thing, and its trapeze variation… I stopped liking those. The twisting or untwisting was highly restricted to a small segment of string. And while this eventually makes its way throughout the whole string, it initially means a weird uneven twist. And with strings like Toxic and Dragons (ie. slick whippy strings) it creates really bizarre artifacts that are a pain to get rid of.

These days I go for the “hop it up, do a very brief sidewinder” thing. A few hops and you’re good to go.

Or I just let the yoyo dangle from a string and give it a good spin in the appropriate direction. Hey, I’ve got nobody judging me on whether it looks cool or not… it works fine. :wink:

For responsive play, sidewinders and UFOs are just plain fun tricks. So I will always use those.

If all else fails, take it off your finger, hold the yoyo, and let the string dangle and neutralize itself.

This is the method I saw 90% of the players at worlds use to adjust string tension.
Basically you’re just doing mini side winders, like GregP said.
I used to use the trapeze method, but I found it harder to accurately adjust string tension.

I am guessing that if the string tension tricks aren’t working and they seem to be doing the opposite, then you are either left handed and trying right handed techniques or you are right handed and somehow got hold of a left twist string.

If you are left handed and want to use the right handed techniques, then you could use a left twist string. Now if only someone made a decent left twist string. Hmmm…

Hey thanks guys, these tips do help

Your doing it wrong :smiley:

hey thanks!! I fix my string tension the same way except I was doing it from a plastic whip! thanks for the suggestion man. It helped me so I hope it helps the OP :slight_smile:

Try this trick it helps a lot

That’s the problem with removing tension that way, it’s easy to wash the yoyo like that. It’s good if you’re trying to get it off the string, but I don’t think people generally 4a with their unresponsive 1a yoyos. I have before, but it’s not recommended unless over carpet.

well when I do it I don’t let the string fully of my yoyo, but anyway everybody has someway of their own way of removing string tension but this way how I prefer since its a fast way to remove string tension or to gain string tension.

Got more tension than I could handle doing a matador and “upwinder”. :o

Also for the heck of it, bind on a medium-speed spin with the shortest “tail”/loop you can muster, and do a sidewinder as it comes back up. Sidewinder for tension control is classic!

My newly preferred method.

I count how manY twists i put into the string… Then after every 3-4 binds i do a quick, short, accurate string tension trick.

How in the hell do you count the twists?

He probably counts how many throws he does, every throw equals 1/2 of a twist. :wink: