String Tension Help

(Brandon1) #1

There are alot of string tension tricks out there; like UFO, lariat, or sidewinder etc. But they have something in common: they all require a RESPONSIVE yoyo. Since I throw unresponsive non of those tricks work :(, so I always have to take the yoyo off my finger, then let the string un-ravel under the yoyo(that takes too long):-[. Is there a string tension trick for unresponsive throwers? Any trick, faster than taking the string off my finger and letting it unwind would be most helpful.



awesome tricks, thanks, I too struggle with my string and can’t land the UFO or sidewinder


it does not require a responive yoyo at all. just grab the middle of the string and bring it sideways like sidewinder then bind. Look at a lot of 1a performance in the beginnig they are fixing their string tention it is simple.

(M²) #5 i think this is one of the best ways to adjust your tension, but you can pick which one you prefer.


I don’t even use any of these tricks; when I have tension issues, I just let the yoyo sit dead at the bottom of the string and spin. There is no need to take it off your finger or whatever you were talking about. To speed it up, I just spin it counterclockwise, looking down on it (considering the string is almost always tight. If you are a lefty, go clockwise.).

(M²) #7

Yes but then your yoyo has to stop spinning.


you can do that and go 10x faster if you actually hold your yoyo and let your string spin, there’ll be less momenum and it’ll take only like 1 second, maybe 2

I just learned another very easy way to loosen the string, I’ll do a video this week end if no one post it by then


here it is