What are the *other* string tension adjustment tricks?

What are other tricks besides the two in the video below that adjust string tension? I am starting to get semi-annoyed at having to stop combos and practicing new tricks to dink around with adjusting the string tension. I have heard there are tricks that actually fix the string tension, so what are they?

Exclude the two in the below video, and I already know about UFO/Sidewinder but I don’t see those as counting as tricks -

You can throw the string around the yoyo while pinching the string just above it.

As displayed in the above video?

As you bind, move your hand to the left or right of the yoyo so that it fixes tension as it comes back to your hand.

Throw hand or Non Throw hand? When you say left or right are you talking over/under the yo yo , a push / pull or something like an off axis where I push my right or left hand out in front of the bind formation just a little bit? Does this work with just the simple binds or can it be done with more complex ones?

He’s talking about sidewinder from a bind.

Yup. That’s what I do to fix string tension, it’s fun ;D

I usually do “unresponsive” Sidewinder, without a bind. Essentially, you throw a frontstyle sleeper, pinch the string about three or four inches above the yoyo, then kind of bring the string to the side. If done successfully, the string will go around the yoyo, adjusting the tension.

Sorry if that was too hard to understand…hope it helped!

Any kind of spiny trick. Brain scrambler and barrel rolls tighten, doing them in the opposite direction loosen.

Thanks for the replies, Ill have to give them a shot.

Yep. The name didn’t hit me when I typed.