String Tension

I have not been able to find a fast easy way to adjust my tension with an unresponsive yoyo. I can’t get a sidewinder to come back to my hand. I have seen videos where people know some tricks of the trade, but i have had no luck. I seen one video where andre lands it in his hand to get it to bind but when i try that i kill the yoyo instantly. I think my hands are to moist or something.

i do the sidewinder, its the fastest and easiest way once you learn hpw to bind it, just do that and just keep practicing binding sideways, anyways when you get better you are gonna learn sid tricks eventually so why not learn how to bind them now

This video shows one way to adjust your string tension in the second part and the other video shows another way to fix your string tension.

Heeeeeey, the first video was mine ;D

Have Fun Throwing,