String tension...

How can I loosen and tighten my string tension on an unresponsive yoyo? I know sidewinder doesn’t work and I’ve never been a big fan of UFO…

Bind, and when its coming up, do a sidewinder.

Also, many helpful answers in this thread:

this is for loosening

Ah! Makes sense… I’m really new I just started binding yesterday

That helps too!

Please stop double posting. Thanks.

i use this

pinch the string and pop the yoyo sidwase the string will look like side winde but for un respoceve yoyo


I use this… :smiley:

you don’t have to bind and then do sidewinder just grap the string and pull it to the sides. make surte the string rovolves around the yoyo sideways and WALA!!! you got sidewinder you can also just let the string down but that’s kinda boring lol
good luck