Faulty string, or the yoyo?

Hey guys. So I was yoyoing today and my string was too tight, so I did that trick where you go into a trapeze and hook the string around your thumb then pull to get out the tension. But when I did it, the string somehow came off the yoyo. It wasn’t broken, it just came off. This hasn’t happened with the other strings. I’m using 100% Duncan cotton string :’(. Is is the strings fault, or is there something wrong with the yoyo. Also I’m using the dark magic two.

I’m sure it’s not the yo-yo at all, I suggest trying new string

I’ve had this happen. You pulled the wrong way, the string got too lose and you held it too long and the yoyo will pop out.

Best to do it not enough than way too much. Practice more.

You loosened the string till it poped off.

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Oh, thanks guys your advices help.