Very novice yo-yo strings question here

I found an old yo-yo and started playing with it. Then just a few days ago I bought my very own first yo-yo to learn beginner and intermediate tricks. But I burn through strings so fast I must be doing something wrong. The loop at the end gets big enough for the yo-yo to fly off it when I do a trick. I started winding it a bit and I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but pretty soon the yo-yo doesn’t grab as well to come back up.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong or what I can do better?

Okay, by the sounds of it, it’s an issue with string tension. It happens to everyone. As you play with ther yoyo, certain tricks (including winding it back up) will cause the string to twist (or untwist depending on the trick) and open up the loop near the yoyo. Here’s a handy video explaining it and what you can do about it:

Hope that helps.


Managing string tensions is your main thing.

If you were burning though strings, the strings would be breaking.

Until you learn to manage string tension, every few minutes, just take the string off your hand, let the yoyo unwind, turn upside down so the yoyo is in your hand, slipknot on the bottom and free. It will untwist the unwanted tension(or put back tension if you’re tightening). Wind up and get back at it. Snap starts work better though as you won’t add any accidental twists this way.

Just keep at it. When you have other questions, then ask. There’s too many ways to get help these days, so take advantage of it.

Thanks very much for the helpful replies. I’m trying to learn the UFO to fix my string tension issue, but I may need to upgrade yo-yos again to do it. At least I know roughly what the problem is! Thank you.