Strings problem

I have a problem with my strings. They always seem to gain tension all the time. I take out the tension and throw my yoyo again, but then the string gets all tied up again? any suggestions on string companies or tips on the strings?

It is possible that you’re either not letting enough tension out or that you’ve overdone it while taking the tension out and made it a bit too loose. Some strings will hold their shape and line a bit better with a bit of tension than others but none really come to mind at the moment because I pretty much just use Kitty polyesters now.


After the strings get worn out, they start holding tension not so good. Change your string when they start getting like that.

I did change my string a lot. and I let all the tension out. I cant get rid of it in any way!

How are you winding up the yoyo after you’ve neutralised the tension…?

The best way is to use your hands to get the yoyo spinning - and then just bind it back up to your hand. If you are winding the yoyo manually by holding the yoyo in your hand and winding the string with the other hand - this will adjust your tension too.

String tension is just something you will need to learn to deal with - most players are almost constantly adjusting their tension as they play.

Everyone pretty much hit the hammer on the head.

You just need to learn ways to get rid of it. Keep in mind that the tension can be in two different directions so u need to pay attention to the twist.,49914.0.html

Reading this might help.

try to buy a different brand of string that holds tension better like kitty string or candy wire type e

Some better strings might help, but…

Learning how to effectively manage string tension is a skill that takes time to develop. Just a couple of years ago I used to fight my string tension all the time, but now, dealing with it is almost second nature.

You’ll get better with managing string tension as time goes on.

Are you left handed? If so the string tension will look like it’s tightening in many cases but its actually loosening making it look or become somewhat knotted. A way to fix this when this happens is to take the Yoyo off your finger and run 2 fingers on opposite sides of the string to help with tension.

Learn a method to take out the tension, and check that you do not have any tension left by putting your hand close to the yoyo and making sure the string does not curl up. I have never had this problem, so I do not know if it is actually the string.

One word: swivels.

aww yeah slippery eel style!