String Tension Problem

I’m pretty new to unresponsive play. Right now I am throwing a YYF Whip. Working on my binds, etc. My current frustration is my string gets a lot of tension on it. It wraps together, knots even. For example I will throw a few man of the flying trapeze and his brother. After a few times, it’s tangled. Even doing front/bottom mount tricks as well.
Do I need to work on my throw and other techniques? and or up grade my yo yo? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here’s a link to help on managing the string tension. It’s something we all have to deal with, it’s not because of your throw. No need for a new yoyo.

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String ages as well. Not sure what string YYF includes with a Whip (or if you’re using that string) but string also varies greatly in quality and composition (if you grabbed a cotton string not really knowing the difference, you may be in a world of hurt!).

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It happens to everyone. Its not u or the yoyo, string tightening or loosening is inevitable and u cant really avoid it. Just check ur string every couple throws to fix the tension… u get used to the routine eventually. Some strings affect tension more than others. Try getting 100% polyester string

I have to check my string tension after every throw(it is not that I have to). After awhile you get into the habit of checking and it is no big deal. I would start off with some Fat Kitty String and then get better string as you progress. Good luck:)

Are you a lefty? String tension is a lot harder to manage if you are because the string loosens instead of tightening.

Thanks for the link and the advice all. I am using polyester strings. I changed the string and things seem a lot better. I’m going to have to change my string a bit more often then I have been. Thank you again.

Any recommendations for good strings? I am about do to stock up. How many of you use the extra long strings? I’m not at that point of play, just curious.

String? Simple. Normal (or fat) Kitty String. Neon Yellow. buy a bundle (100 strings).

Kitty Strings are good? I’ll check’em.