My string

I’ve done everything to get the tension out if my yoyo, but when i am done there is still tension. Is it because my string is pretty old?

Could it possibly be because your string is too tight? ???

idk?!?! I’m new so i don’t know how to adjust it

I meant too loose.
Not too tight, because thats what tension usually is.

On topic: Try a UFO (still works with an unresponsive yoyo)

I Can’t get my slack to be straight basically. It just loops around itself

How old is the string? What kind of string is it (if you don’t know, did it come with the yoyo? What yoyo is it?)

The string is about a year old and it is cotton. It didn’t come with the yoyo

you really need new string.

1 year? you should change it.

1 year! :o. Time to replace, 100% polyester, also with alot of new players their string gets loose and loose then it’s impossible to get it back to normal tension. Just learn UFO and try holding the yoyo in your hand and let the string unravel. Then when your sting gets tight or loose you can put it back to the right tension.

Thats what I thought. Im getting some over Christmas.

I’ve always understood tension to be tight. Unless I’m not understanding what you’ve said here.

String tension goes either way. You can have either neutral tension (where the string doesn’t twist at all), positive tension (tight), or negative tension (loose).

It really depends on what tricks your doing. Your string gets tighter with every clockwise motion, and looser with every counter clockwise motion.

Also, after a year, you seriously need to change your string. Like, you’re a year late on changing your string.

Yes, you are correct. I guess I was caught up in the context. It sounded as if it were too tight.

A YEAR and cotton? How on earth did it survive, never mind the tension issues!?

Congratulations, sir. You win a… er… prize… but what prize to give? Here, have an internet! You didn’t win the internet per se, but you deserve something, and a spare internet is all I have to offer (I one one the other day).

Jeepers. A year-old cotton string!

I’m genuinely not trying to make you feel bad or anything, I am just astonished.

If anything, it’s wonderful. I suggest you KEEP that string and put it on a secondary yoyo… keep throwing it until it finally dies, and report back to us on how long the string lasted. It’s already virtually a miracle; I’m ready to call the Vatican and submit my petition to have that string declared a saint.

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Yes, I agree with everyone else; it’s a miracle your string has survived that long.

If you take a look at Andre’s video on yoyo string, ( he says that if you play as long as professionals each day, you should change your string every day but if not, then, well it depends how long you’ve been playing.  From what I’ve heard and from my experience, if the string is a different color (usually darker) then you need to change the string and if it feels too smooth (not rigged and completely no bumps) when you touch it with your finger, it probably needs to be changed as well.

If you’re looking for buying new string, I would recommend buying either the 100 count bulk 100% polyester string or 50 count 100% polyester EXPERT string (if you want a good deal.)  After these, you can test out different types of string and see which ones suit you.  Here are the links to the 2 types I mentioned:

Here are videos on the UFO tutorial and a few other ways to stop string tension from happening:

Hope this helps  ;D

Have to agree here. I had my cotton string break in under a week. And that was when I was a beginner throwing responsively.