String wear!

Why does my string go to crud so fast? i only get about an hour of suicides out of them before it starts wrapping itself too much. I clean my hands regularly. Its not dirty. Just crud string? 100poly white and 100poly orange. white from nation. orange from expert. Help?

100% Poly from YYN or YYE is decent string but I go through about a string a day when I use it. It’s normal. The wrapping up you’re talking about is just string tension which you can get rid of really easily, here’s a video that can help you with that:

i usually take it off and do that but i might just jump thru string fast. i was thinking about grabbing some chaos 422. any exp?

Before I asume the string your useing is terrable, do you adjust your string tension often?

Depending on what I’m doing, I go through a string every half hour to an hour. If the play is really demanding I’ll change even sooner than that. People vary, though.

100P (and Slick 6, for what it’s worth) under “normal” conditions typically won’t last more than a day.

How humid is the atmosphere where you play? Do you check your string tension regularly? Are you putting anything on your hands after you wash them? Lotion? Anti-bacterial agent? Are you drying your hands completely after washing?

Well its cold ha. dry. I use lotion sometimes but definatly not often. i’ll take it off and unwind probably every few minutes or so but it just wears out SO fast.

As MSquared asked, are you adjusting your string tension?

String tension is the key to perfect slacks and whips.

If you know how to adjust it, good. If you don’t: UFO is a common way to do it. You throw the yoyo to the left to loosen, and right to tighten.

Here are a few factors that can mess w/ string:

length: I find a shorter string to hold tension better. Longer string is still fine, but shorter seems to last a bit longer to me (Not much shorter than 4ft.)

Material: The basic materials used in most strings are cotton, polyesther, and nylon in some cases. All of these are fine, but poly and nylon hold tension better but are rougher. You can get 50/50 poly/cotton, but it’s preference.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Poly and Nylon are rougher? I’m pretty sure you’ve got that backwards.

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What do you guys mean when you say the string is worn out?

I got my first yoyo with a bearing recently and this is the first time I have used slick 6 so all my strings before now where cotton, on cheap yoyos.
So wearing out a string usually meant it broke in some way.
Which is something I would like to avoid with the new one.

I use chaos 422. It’s pretty good string and lasts a long while. On a day that i play almost all day, i might change it the next morning or half way through the next day. Holds tension pretty good at first, then as it gets worn it twists like a baby.

Honestly, I’m becoming more of a fan of highlights (or whatever comes with YYF yoyos) more than chaos for whatever reason. i like how it pops against the background and is easier to see. For me, it also holds tension VERY well. just my opinion.

You can try making your own string… At first it’s a bit hard but if you get good at it then you don’t have to buy string or wait for it to ship. Also I find homemade strings to be made of higher quality polyester and seems to play better.

I have done this with cotton string with some success, but what kind or where would you get polyester to make the string?

You can get some at craft stores or maybe Walmart.

Are there different grades or anything?

I’m not sure… I’m sure if you ask about it there they can tell you more than I can but there probably is because some cost more than others.

Yes, and it’s all about Preference. I use 100% Poly Tribolock, but you can get pretty much any kind of poly and will work. But it’s like I said it’s all about Preference. I made myself a little setup with some 2x4’s and Balsa wood and I use my drill with a nail in a bock of wood which slides down the 2x’s as I use the drill (perfect tension), But again it’s all about preference. I wrap from drill to nail 3 times and twist clockwise till it’s at the right tension and then keepin tension I fold the string in half around a nail in the 2x at halfway point, then I hook drill to it again and twist slowly counter clockwise to the right tension keepin it slightly tight so it won’t bind till your done. Then unhook drill, tie a loop at other end then you have yourself a type 6. But I found from trial n error that some Poly can diff in size and a type 6 can be too small and you want to go with a type 8(which gets wrapped 4 times). If you do a search it the mod and maint section for how to make yoyo string and you’ll find a couple tutorials on how to, including one that I’ve made. Good Luck hope I help at least a lil. :slight_smile:

So since I am left handed I could make left handed yoyo string by twisting it the other direction!?


They’re are a million different kinds of polyester thread. If you want to make your own string just 100% polyester is a good place to start. You’ll figure out what’s bad and good with trial and error.

Ehh, I guess so.

To me, though, Poly is rougher at first than cotton, but slides along the hand better.

What kind of Poly are you talking about?