Wow...whats up with those strings! XD

i just received my new 100% polyester strings, twisted 3 colors…WOW…all my trick are smoother…my sleeper is smoother, and the tension seems to always stay the same! are they imbued with magic or something?

Nope, they are just string.

Actually, the type of string you use can have a great effect on your play. For example, a 100% cotton string will not perform like a 100% polyester string, or even a 50/50 string.

In addition, I’ve found that, quite strangely, different colors of polyester string have different feels. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the solid colored strings seem to feel a tiny bit better than twisted strings.

To the OP, what string did you use before you got your new strings?

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you should try making your own string. now THAT will feel like it’s imbued with magic. :wink:
I used to use yye string, but when I have the time, I like to spin a couple strings because imho, they perform better and last longer.
Also you should try out some other brands, like graou, G-string (really like this), snacktime, angel hair, kitty string, ham string, etc.
I haven’t tried graou personally, but I’ve heard amazing things about them. if I can find any at worlds I’ll surely pick some up.

i was using the string that came with my yo-yo lol

I make some killer string and my favorite part is that I can try different Types of String, Plus I can make them as long as I need. Because I find that the String I order from YYN and YYE is not long enough for me IMO and doesn’t whip good enough for me and I end up with a sore arm. My String I can whip all day, keeps great Tension, perfect length, and I can Make it any color I want and use 100% Poly, 100% Nylon, and even mix them if I want. ANd the Best Part about it all is that you never run low lol. I’m waiting for a Review from a Cpl people now, we’ll see where it goes from there. ;D

Yes, polyester string made here is actually threads imbued with twilight unicorn hair.

Why not Rarity

That’s Gator Floss string!

There are many different types and kinds of strings.

Any given yoyo won’t be playing the same with any other given string (is that even understandable? sorry bout the english)

some players (me included) like to try many different string types for their yoyos, so eventually I look for the best combination for each yoyo

for example, I like to play the OneDrop “Code 1” yoyo with Kitty slim strings
the yyj destiny is nice (yet not perfect) with Graou thin strings
so is the cosmo
I like chaos 422 on the

etc… etc…

it’s fun to try different types of strings, it really changes how you feel the yoyo play

it’s like tires for cars, find the best match

So, has anybody ever tried 100% poly string from onedrop? because I might buy it, but I’m not sure what it’s like. I have tried yye string and it’s a bit on the rough side and Highlights are really soft :slight_smile: Can anybody help me out here? :slight_smile:

I thought that they were the same…

Are they? ???

I mean besides the unicorn hair difference.

I dont like string.
Use metal thread.

you too??? OMG JOSH YAY.

I love OD’s string. it feels a bit better than yye poly, and about the same price.
But it’s not that much different. plays basically the same, just feels soft from the start.

I thought that yyn yye yyz yyg yyf :stuck_out_tongue: highlights dayglow etc. where all the same string imported cheaply from Mexico or something. :-\

Is this correct or are they all different strings altogether? ???


I too noticed that the solid color strings seemed to hold their tension better.

Me too. I’ve always ordered solid colors until this last time. I got a three color twist and I don’t nearly like it as much as I did any previous shipments. Something just seems weird about it.

It is MUCH harder to make consistent multicolor strings because all of the different threads have to be exactly the same length.

I noticed my blue string was thicker then my white string, and my blue string feels rougher and it is also shorter. Evil blue string!! EVIL!!