How big of a deal is string?

Does string type matter THAT much?

It is similar to asking if type of tires matter on an automobile.

When you get better, it can make a big difference.

For me, for now, basic 100% polyester works just fine. I’ve been throwing over a year.

Once you get better skills(most people progress way faster than I do), you can start trying out different strings and being better able to see how different strings work for you and your style.

For me, I just can’t appreciate the differences between different strings other than:
Ability to holds string tension
A little bit about sufficient stiffness to hold some loops when doing tricks with some whips or slacks.

I will say it’s never too soon to try different strings. Some come in 5 and 10 packs, which is usually more than enough to figure out if you like it or not. Many companies will give out trial strings or small packs at contests. Sniffy even includes with many of his reviews recommendations on which string and string type he found worked the best for a particular yoyo.

There’s a point where people either decide that special string is the way to go, or they don’t. I’ve been using standard 100% poly for years and years, and I turned out just fine.

I’ve tried just about every string that’s ever been sold in online stores. I still use plain old YYE poly. Best string for me.

Honestly it’s just like picking a yoyo. Whatever you feel comfortable with is what you should get. If you can slowly buy them all and get what you like the most. You can take a year to do this.

I myself have a preference to Kitty String, just like how the posters above prefer standard YYE poly strings. I’m more comfortable with the feel and play of Kitty String. Of course it will be different from others as others have different preferences but I encourage you to experiment and try out lots of other string :]


No, string is not such a big deal.

I find that the string length makes a bigger difference than the type.

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I don’t think it matters that much. 100 % poly suits pretty much any purpose. As for myself, I use only Toxic dragon strings. It’s easier on my hands and lasts FOREVER. A pack of 10 lasts me a couple months. It’s all about preference though.

String length is the biggest factor for me. I’ve found that even an inch or two either way is enough to make me dislike playing a given yoyo.

Thank you all for your feedback.

Just ordered some toxic dragon string. I winced a bit at the price, but there may be real value in it.

dragon string is worth the money. that and toxic BG are a good buy. i play then at full length moist of the time and love that they last longer than most other brands.

I’ve tried lots of different strings, still sticking to the plain white 100% poly. I just don’t feel like the more expensive strings enhance the yoyoing experience enough to be worth the money.

For me its 50/50 string that works best.
Its not that big a deal as long as you can pull off the tricks you know.
String length is important as is how long you have had your string for.

Right now i get 100 string bundles for ten bucks shipped of 100% poly. But I only get an hour or so from a string so I figure if the durability claims of some of the more expensive string is true, it’ll be a wash. I do feel like I might benefit from a thicker, stiffer string. It may help flatten out the learning curve for slacks and whips, which I struggle with.

huge deal depending on your style. my style of play prefers a MarkMont Dragon string, but salutes the Type X YYSL. i don’t have as easy a time pulling of my tech, slack, whip, with normal poly than i do with those two special strings.

For me string is more how you wanna play.
Strings I’ve tried:
Regular Duncan
Regular Yomega
Slick 6 from nation (not sure who made it)
50/50 from YoYo guy (again not sure who made it)
Brazilian poly pink
G string
Toxic radiation orange
Toxic dragon string
YoYoExpert twisted poly

In the mail:
Kitty string fat and thin
Yysl x
Toxic metz thin and fat
Toxic bg1

 For me highlights work the best for slacks so if I'm doing a lot of slacks, that's what i will use. However highlights are only decent to lacking in whips and lacerations (bent stole is hard for me with this string) so i stick with toxics orange and dragons(which I can do double and triple bent stoles). Cotton works best for wood loopers. So it definitely is a matter of preference but can make a big difference of how you want to play. 
 String length is a bigger issue here though if your looking for ability to do tricks themselves. It doesn't matter what string I use, if it's to long then I'm dinging it on the ground and feel everything slows down and I'm waiting for the YoYo to come around and it takes forever. To short and I feel constricted and everything speeds up. You really really need to find your preference of string length first before you start playing with different strings. Otherwise all you learn from other strings will be for nothing. 

A too short of a string like YoYoExperts twisted and your YoYo goes fast and has decent whips and slacks but your too constricted and your hands are too close together for you to feel comfortable doing intricate tricks like ladder escape. Make it the proper length and now it slows down too much and doesn’t whip as well. So same string but everything you learned about that string while it was too short was for nothing.
This is why length is more important to know before you mess with different types of companies and styles of string.
Sorry for the lengthy write but I feel a lot of people miss this lesson.

how noticeable is the difference between type 6 and type 8? I went out and for the first time actually bought yoyo string, but after it was already shipped out i noticed that it’s type 8. Normally i’m using really thin home-made string and now i’m scared that i wont be able to use type 8 due its thickness.

also while am at this, what type of thread is best to use for making strings yourself? i tried poly sewing thread but it was too fluffy and quickly filled my bearing with fluff.