taking opinions; What string do you use and why?

Hey guys, new to the forum, but not yo’ing in general. I thought id make my first post in an effort to help in my next purchase.

So, what kind of string do you like to use and why? Iv been out of the yoing scene for quite some time now and am surprised to see how many more options there are. Iv been using 100% poly, I love the feel, but I don’t like how it doesn’t hold its shape for slack and whip tricks. I was thinking slick 6? Or perhaps something else if I can be informed.
YYE has quite a few options, but im conflicted as to what to get and why.

Buy Twisted Stringz cause they’re awesome :P. but they have everything glow,kevlar,poly,noly it’s all there

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If you want something to help you with whips/slacks, I would recommend Toxic Strings. Regular Toxic is kind of thick, but my favorite is MarkMont Dragon Strings… great for whips/slacks but they are not as thick. ;D

standard 100% poly, cause its all you need.

I like the YYE 100% polyester strings in neon green! However, it appears to be a Type 6 string and I’m anxious to try a Type 8 string. I think I may try the Kitty string on my very soon upcoming purchase.

1: Not too expensive. If you’re cheap, get white, it’s $2 less!
2: Lasts decent. Strings should be replaced often anyways.
3: Lots of colors in case that’s your thing. I have it in 4 colors: white, neon green, neon yellow, orange. I might get another color just for variety. I find the brighter the color, the more it stands out against the background/your view and it can help you land tricks.
3A: I’m supporting myself and 2 kids playing yoyo. String MUST be stocked in large quantities in this house. Plus, I will give away a string or 2 to new players around me sometimes.
4: Pretty much always in stock.

If you’re not sure, buy a small quantity of several strings(say, 5 or 10) and try them and see what you like best.

I am digging yoyo string labs. It is more expensive than the YYE polyester. But it is less expensive than the Toxic strings. Also, it is longer than the YYE strings. So if you want something a little longer they are up to the task. I like the ones I bought and plan to buy more when I run out of the ones I have. They hold tension pretty good too.

YYE/Highlights/100%Poly. It’s cheaper, and comes in 100 count. Other strings
say Toxic or G String etc are nice but I feel, slack too well. I used to use Chaos
and G string for two months straight. When I went back to YYE string, my lacerations
and whips went downhill due to the fact I was used to the other string being
so easy to slack n all. Not saying that this may be the case with everyone.

Bottom line, any 100 count poly is great.

100% cotton.
because it doesn’t melt using a wood axle.

Homemade version close to YYE poly, or YYE poly lol. Cheao, and works good, and if you use someone elses yoyo with like a Toxic or Gstring, you will land the tricks easier and it makes you look better lol

Plain 100% poly (Usually highlights, I like the length and the bright colors)


New Age string, this stuff is awesome. A bit thicker than standard, whips and slacks like a dream and really durable. Some of the colors I have look like barf, though, haha.

YYE 100% polyester is my favorite. I used highlights for a while, but I think YYE poly lasts a little longer.

Kitty String because they are gentle on the hands.

Other than that, I’m using neon green string my dad got for me from Spingear when he was in Japan.

I would have to agree with Nivo on this. I’ve tried alot of strings, the ones that best suit me personally are Toxic: Markmont dragon strings. They are soooooooo good for whips and slacks. Some kinds of strings are just too “light” feeling. what i mean is, when you whip them, (doing a hook or something similar) they don’t really carry the momentum of the whip very well. You wind up having to whip them really hard. NOT toxic strings, you barely even have to flick your wrist to get them to whip fast. They are AMAZING. On top of that, they last the longest out of any string i’ve ever tried. They last me on average 4-5 days, (thats throwing prolly 2-3 hours a day on average) and i could make them stretch long if i wanted to. That’s a long time for string. Especially considering that most string lasts me 1-2 days before its wore out.
As a second choice i would recommend Chaos 422. Those are also pretty good, but not quite as good for whips and not as long lasting.
Hope this helps!!

g-string, exclusively…

reason…paul wallace :slight_smile:



I don’t use it exclusively but I’m not sure I’ve ever replaced it on the yo-yos I have it on. It’s like rope-string. (in a good way) it lasts forever.