What string you use.

Hey guys, just wandering what yall thought the best string was. I know there is no one string that is the best just likes YO-YOs, im just wanting to know what you guys are throwing with cause ive been out of the scene for a while now and alot has changed.

HMM i use white poly string.

I use cotton 8, cotton 9, and highlights, which are poly 6. :wink:

Blue poly. I want to try gator floss but I’m pretty sure that stopped :’(

I almost always NOLY, SSE2, SC, or INT yoyogstring.

I usually use a bright Chaos String, one of their poly/nylon formulas. Or ill use Angel Hair with 5A. And when I need to go easy on the fingers I use YYE Poly

100% poly

Hey thank you guys, some of them names ive never even heard of. so i got some learning to do.

I use homemade one third poly two thirds nylon string.

You should defiantly practice making your own string. Not only is it fun to do, but it feels great to use string that you made custom for yourself.

100% WHITE polly strings.

Colored strings burn out too quickly, increases the friction when doing a trick. They also tend to get quite light and makes it harder for me to do whips and so on.

Maybe that’s just me, or the crappy strings here in China.

Don’t have time, but I’d love to make my own string

Green Polyester string

bulk yoyo string, orange, green highlights. awesome string!

The best kind! The kind you make your self! I love my string and love to be able to tell people I make my own string, they think I’m really pro then.

If I’m not too lazy I’ll make my own string, which is my favorite.

I’m usually too lazy.

Hmm. I WISH I could make my own string. Tuts on how to hand-make string?

I use the regular White %100 Poly string.

Nor Cal Inspired Strings FTW. :slight_smile:

This is the basics of making your own yoyo string.

Once you get down the basics, don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials and techniques!

I will be using orange highlights 100% poly soon running low