What yoyo string do u use??


What yoyo string do u use???


jamesofyoyo secret sick string.

(Justin the JeeJaw) #3

brazilian mondo

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #4

Honestly, highlights, they are cheap, come in bulk amounts, and aren’t half bad. If not I would recommend #82 (I might have gotten that wrong) it used to be called Perfect fit or something like that.


100% Poly String.

(Hardcore_Max) #6

good old poly is my number one string, plus what I happen to pull off my string chair at the time I scored a mystery pack that has heaps of different strings for Ibanezcollector.

String Chair

(DOGS) #7

Good ol’ 100% poly or 50/50. I WOULD be using AirGlow in the SnowBound format but I’m out cries

(Ariq) #8

I use SpinworkX poly.


Me too man, me too…


highlites. there ok. i also use 50/50 cotton poly for 4a and 5a

MOD EDIT: Please refrain from naming other stores when YYE sells the same product.


100% Poly strings I make myself.


jim string…it owns all strings…


Buddy Jim’s string and Alchemy. :slight_smile:


angel hair or homemade cloud 9 string


I only use YYE poly. Why because it’s the same as any other store bought poly. Plays just as good. Honestly I think the break in time is faster. Tighten the string tension then loosen the string tension and there you have it.


oh also i love yoyoexpert’s 50/50 cotton polly its so good at maintaining string tension and awsome for suicides opening big gaps and also good at whips.


I personally love g-string but good ole YYE poly string has to be my fave!


YYE, Buddy Jim’s, and my own that I make.

(Poe Yo's) #19

G-String but I just ordered some Chaos string because it was cheap and I have heard good things about it


really awesome whip yoyo string!!!