whats a good brand of strings

need help all ive used so far are the kevlar strings and i dont like them

100% poly is what most of us use. Try a little of all the types. Slick string which is 50%cotton and 50% poly is great as well.

Much softer and cheaper.

Yoyo String Lab has the best string I’ve ever tried. It’s durable, cheap (compared to other handmade strings), comfortable, and slacks like no other. Don’t listen to people who recommend Toxics, it’s over priced, uncomfortable, and stiff.

Toxics are great and last long - but for a specific style of play. We have a lot of people who swear by them. So it depends what you want in a string. No right or wrong answer there. :wink:

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G-string is the correct answer.


That’s all I use.

Then don’t buy anymore of that.

I’m getting along just fine on the YYE 100% polyester string. However, if you’re hunting for a new string, why not buy small quantities of many different kinds and try it out and see what seems to work best for you.

If you can, try a few different ones and see which one hits the sweet spot for you.

Lot’s of people love BuddyJim’s string. ;D

I use different strings for different things. For 1a, kitty string is my favorite. but I usually use 100% poly just because I have so much of it. It holds tension really well, and it’s soft.
chaos is also good. It’s less responsive than anything I’ve used. But it doesn’t hold tension that well. but it’s really fast whippy string.
for 4a, g string is my favourite. I’m not sure why, but it helps with those catches I can never remember the name of
for 2a, I just use 100% poly

I love both Gstings and string lab type x. Not a fan of toxic although they whip and suicide like nobody’s business.

I like YYE’s standard 100% polly. Cheap, long, and pretty durable.

I like slick 6 but imo its not quite as strong 100% poly, so i usually just use 100% poly.

A personal fan of G-string, while not a fan of anything that involves nylon.

thanks guys that really helpped so i think ill buy some different types but it sounds like 100% poly seems to be whats used so thanks again

This is a very subjective topic. There is no reason to make negative comments about one brand or the other. Just say what you like and that’s it.
I, however, LOVE Toxic Dragon strings. My favorite. Chaos 422 and twisted are also great choices.

I’m with Nicholi on this, I just discovered the Toxic Dragon strings and I’m really really liking those. Took me a bit to get used to it but they last crazy crazy long. Hold solid tension and is just amazing. I highly recommend at least trying those. I’m also a big fan of the Kitty String. I just got the Kitty String Prism Pack that has like 8 different colors in it and I got the fat kind, and I really really like those too. I still think I like the Dragon better.

But like others have said it is all about preference. What I like may be different than Nicholi or Studio’s type. While I love the Toxic Dragon I have not liked any of their other strings. Just a personal preference. But, one thing I will argue with is that I think string is very important. If you spend a lot of time finding a certain yoyo you like then you need to spend an equal amount of time trying to find the string you like. Then go nuts with buying it haha. For me right now it is Toxic Dragon and Kitty String Fat.

i’ve never seen enough variation in terms of how i play with a yo-yo due to “string brand” to believe that it matters when i use a bearing. i’ll grant you that i don’t play with a bearing anymore, and i DO find type 8/10 cotton to be vastly superior to any alternative using a wood axle.

so basically i use 50 year-old cone of cotton thread that i twist into string.

Lots of people love Toxic, dude.

You get use to it, and when you do… you’ll love it

I’m with TMCertified. While we currently have different string preferences and perhaps yoyo preferences and perhaps even bearing preferences, we both understand how critical preferences are. We don’t see things in black and white in this field, we see things as “what’s right for me”. and leave it at that. We also have lots of common ground stuff.

Ever aspect is important for preferences. Sites, shapes, weight, weigh distribution, bearing types, lube(or lack of), surface treatment/textures, and yes, strings. That’s why I say buy a bunch of stuff in small quantities. If you dislike something, you should know fairly quick. If you like something or are not sure, you can always get a little bit more until you know for sure. Then when you find exactly what you like, buy a LOT of it.

Also, as Ed sates, some strings work better in certain yoyos. Granted, he’s going all wood fixed axles, but the point doesn’t change. Your yoyo may dictate certain string requirements. I think Slick6 and 100% cotton are recommended for modified yoyos.

For me, right now, I’m perfectly content with YYE string. It’s great stuff that gets the job done. However, I reserve the right to “change brands” and I have no problems experimenting. Just keep in mind, part of the fun of yoyo is the endless adventure. New models, mix and matching bearings and even string.